2 Mar 2012

Long Runs, Short Runs!

As Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon is getting closer and closer I figured I better get in some more long runs and 10-20-30 training :-)

On Wednesday I ran another half marathon! I did a route that I had run while training for Copenhagen Marathon 2011. I ran all the way up to Langelinie which is where the cruise ships dock. I went all the way to the end, round the little red lighthouse thing and then home again.

I ran slower this time and even though it was still a hard run (well it was only 9 days since my last half marathon) it was easier than the last one! I ran it in around 2 hours and 15 minutes so was 8 minutes slower.

Today it has been so sunny! Spring is on the way :-)
I was going to do so 10-20-30 training this evening but really wanted to get out into the sun.

So I decided to do my training on the way to pick up my youngest from nursery.

It went well and it was great to run in the sun again :-)

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