4 Mar 2012

Must Keep Training...!

Just a quick post to say that I've been training again today!

I did some more 10-20-30 training and then some hill training which really killed my calfs.

Going to do a 15k run tomorrow evening as well. Then planning some quick hill training on Tuesday or Wednesday, around a 10k on Thursday, 10-20-30 training on Friday and then an 18k run on Saturday or Sunday :-)

I really hope all this training helps with those damn hills in Madrid!


  1. Estas haciendo un buen entrenamiento desde mi punto de vista. En Madrid te saldrá todo perfecto, ya lo comprobaras, a pesar de sus subidas y bajadas.

    Me quedo por tu blog si no te importa

    Salud y kms

    1. Thanks Juan :-)

      Are you running Madrid too?

      I've looked at your blog and can see that you run a lot but couldn't find anything about Madrid (google translate isn't very good though so I could easily have missed it).

      Good training!