21 Aug 2012

Hot Hot Denmark!!

Yesterday was the hottest day in Copenhagen for the last 37 years! Because of the 'extreme heat' I decided to cancel the half marathon training and advised everyone to run once the sun had set or in the early morning.

One of the girls still wanted to get some exercise in so biked 1 hour to my home and then we both biked to the beach and went swimming :-)
It was really great to cool off in the sea!

It's supposed to get rainy and cold again from tomorrow so it looks like our 17k run next Monday will still be on....

Berlin marathon is only 40 days away now and coming up fast!! I feel ready for it as I have done lots of biking this summer on top of my running so actually feel really fit right now :-)

I'm planning on running the Powerade half marathon as an instructor to help one of the girls round and then running home afterwards. This will then put me at around 27k so will be used as my long run before Berlin!

No photos today I'm afraid as I'm on a different computer as my one has died....as least I've got the internet back working properly again!

19 Aug 2012

Running on the Beach

The other day I was going to meet up with some other runners in my half marathon training group (they are going to run the Powerade half marathon in Copenhagen on 9th September so I'm helping them get ready).

We were supposed to be running around 16k this time but it was so hot outside (yes Denmark does get hot too). Anyway I decided that a bit of variety was good for moral so we ran 4k down to the beach and took our trainers and socks off and ran 2k in the sea and wet sand! It was so refreshing :-)

We then ran the 4k back. We all agreed that this was great training and that we had all enjoyed it very much!

My plan for the next training is too run around about the 16k ending up at the beach and having a quick swim afterwards. That will be a great way to end a run I think :-)

1 Aug 2012

Berlin Marathon in Less Than Two Months!

July seems to have really gotten away from me this year!

I have been on holiday for most of it so I think I've been a little lazy with my writing ;-)
I have still been out running and am really enjoying my 17:30 run every Monday evening where I run with others. We add an extra kilometer each week which is really working out well. Once we get into the middle of August I'm going to add an extra 5k or so onto the distance just for myself and use the Monday training for my long runs.

I'm nearly half way through my running coaching of my beginners group and it's going very well. They are surprised at how much fitter they feel now compared to just 6 weeks ago!

Team Hvidovre
I'm still planning on just having one longer run each week and doing some hill training too. The other days I will be doing interval training so I can finish Berlin in 4 hours and 15 minutes or under :-)