31 Aug 2010

Running Shoes-Nike Lunarglide+

I've been looking for some new running shoes for a while now and have been interested in the Nike Lunarglide+.

I was in Sportsmaster today and they had a sale on. There on the sale table sat a nice blue and white pair of Lunarglide+ in my size for half price. Of course, they are now sitting on my table at home!

I can't wait for my run tomorrow so I can try them :)

29 Aug 2010

Not quite a Marathon but a 9km Run!

August 29th 2010-I ran 9km this morning!! I ran at an easy pace of 9km an hour. The sun was shining and it was cool in the air.

I felt I could have just carried on running and running :-)
I thought i'd better stop though as I don't want to get an injury.

I know now that I can run the 10km race at the end of september no problem!

I feel so good right now :-)
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28 Aug 2010

6km Run

August 26th 2010-I ran 6km this evening in 39 minutes and 40 seconds. I know this is a slow time! I didn't want to go to fast as this was the first time I had run so far. I thought it would be a good idea to just take it nice and easy.

Because I took it so easy I believe I could have carried on for a few more kilometres as I still had so much energy after the 6km. I didn't run any further though because I know it's a good idea to built the distance up slowly and with my knees I didn't want to risk an injury.

I am planning on running 7 or 8km on Sunday again at an easy pace.

24 Aug 2010

And now for my next running goal....!

I just signed up to run 10km in the friløbet!

It's on 26th september and goes from østerbro, around the lakes, around the inside of tivoli and then by the lakes and back to østerbro. It's a really nice route and should be a lot of fun :-)
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22 Aug 2010

Shouldn't I be running more than 5km now?

August 22nd 2010-I have run 5km again this evening. I really should start running further now as the 5km is a little easy now :-)
I took it gentle today and ran the first 4km in 25 minutes and the last 1km in 5 minutes.
The weather was sunny. I ran down to vestamager, around the corner and then back up ørestads boulevard.

I am very pleased with my training and am trying to find a good 10km race I can sign up to. This will be 'goal number 2'
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21 Aug 2010

Mini Havneløb

Well today was my big day! My first goal in the process of running a marathon was about to be achieved!!

I ran 5km in the Mini Havneløb this evening and I did it in my best time ever of 28 minutes and 6 seconds!!!

This was what my training so far had been leading up to. The weather was sunny and a little windy. The route was by the English church, then round kastellet using the roads around the outside. Then back along by the sea. It was a great race and I loved it!!!

Now my training will begin for a 10km race!!

Photos to follow...

Running in the Rain!

August 15th 2010-It was raining a little this morning so I thought I'd better have a run in the rain!

I took it nice and easy and ran 3km in 20 minutes and 40 seconds.

I got straight out of bed and went for a run without eating. Not a good idea! My stomach was making noises all the time I was running.

Treadmills Suck!

August 11th 2010-Today I was up at the gym so decided to try 5km on a treadmill. It was horrible!

I thought it was very hard, very boring and VERY hot!! I definately prefer to run outside :)

I still got my best time ever though! I ran 5km in 29 minutes and 45 seconds :)

10 Aug 2010

No Knee Supports and No Injury!

August 9th 2010-I just ran 5km again! This time with no knee supports for the first time ever.

This time in 31 minutes and 40 seconds. Not bad seeing as I haven't run properly in a while.

I'm going to run it again one or two more times before 'the 5km race' on 16th August.

I've bought a really good book about running a marathon called 'The Non-Runner's Marathon Trainer'. It's got loads of information in it and it's all about how to finish a marathon instead of about setting times to complete it in.
This is good for me because my only goal is to finish even if it takes me all day :)

7 Aug 2010

Missed Marathon Training!

August 7th 2010-I've been a bit out of sorts since tuesday so haven't been running again until today.

I did bike 10km one evening as I knew I should do something.

Today I took it easy and just had a short 2km run as I haven't run in 6 days.

On Monday I'm going to try a 5km without knee supports!

2 Aug 2010

A Fast but Short Run!

August 1st 2010-I had a short run of just under 2km today. My pace was just under 11km per hour. This I found pretty hard going and was out of breath.

I have been doing some exercises to strengthen my knees and this was the first time I have run without knee supports. My knees didn't hurt at all!