18 Mar 2012

RnR Madrid marathon Training with 5 Weeks to go!

This is what my training was supposed to be for last week:-

Monday - 7k
Wednesday - Hill Training
Thursday - 21k
Saturday - 10k
Sunday - Hill training/10-20-30

I have been a little tired this week (too much hill training I think) so didn't do the half marathon in the middle of the week as planned but I did still do it though :-)

This is the training that I actually did last week:-

Monday - 10k
Wednesday - Hill Training
Thursday - Hill Training
Saturday - 21k

As you can see I didn't train as much as I'd have liked but I'm still very happy with how my training is going :-)

This weeks plan looks like this:-

Monday - 10k
Thursday - 12k and Hill Training
Friday - 10-20-30 Training
Saturday - 15k
Sunday - Hill Training

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