31 Oct 2010

Marathon Start Op Diploma


1543 , Lynne-Deanne Knightley,

Tillykke med din præstation

Distance: 15 km

Nettotid : 01:24:13

Placering M/K: 93

Placering samlet: 390

Runde 1: 00:27:53

Runde 2: 00:28:28

Runde 3: 00:27:52

Med venlig hilsen

Sparta, Powerade, Marathon Sport og Nike

Copenhagen Marathon Start Op 15km

I ran this morning in the marathon start op and ran 15km in 1 hour, 24 minutes and 13 seconds (official time)!
I was aiming for around 27/28 minutes so am really pleased with this time. Oh and my knee wasn't hurting at all. I did take 2 ibrufen tablets before the race though, just in case.

It was 3 times around Fælledparken on Østerbro and there were pace setters that you could follow. I ran either a little ahead or a little behind the 5.40 ones all the time.

It was a fantastic race and the day couldn't have been better! No wind! No rain! No sun! Just a very cloudy sky. The leaves were falling or had fallen from the trees and the smell of Autumn was in the air :)

15 minutes before the race I took a High5 energy gel to wake me up a little.

Me in the distance on the very left hand side of the photo

The first 5km was pretty easy and I decided not to have any water and just keep running when I had gone round once. There were way too many people at the water depot anyway. The second time round was much harder, probably because I stop for a drink!
At 10km I had some water and also some Powerade which gave me a great boost for kilometres 11 and 12.

At 13km my pace becan to slow down so I took a SIS energy gel and managed to finish the 15km on a high!!

Another great race by Sparta :)

28 Oct 2010

Runners Knee

After my run yesterday once again my left knee was hurting :(

I think I have what is known as runners knee! Great just what I need! This is probably what I had when I was younger and I stopped running because of it. Back then I had no one tell me what it was so I just quit running so it wouldn't hurt anymore.

This time I know what it is and how to make it go away! Have a look at this website for information about runners knee. http://runnersknee.co.uk/

I have taped up my knee and am still waiting for my under knee support to come. This should help very much. The taping is also helping lots and I am thinking about buying some Kinesio Tape which I have read lots about.

If you are interested have a look at their website. http://www.kinesiotaping.co.uk/

27 Oct 2010

7.5km run

I couldn't wait so long to run again so I taped up under my knee to support it (I have a proper under knee support coming in the post) and went for an evening run :)

I had a cup of coffee as I went out of the door to give me an energy boost which kicked in around the 3km mark.

I looked at my watch at 2.5km and couldn't believe I hadn't run further :( The next time I looked I guessed that I had run at least 3.5km and it actually said I'd run over 5km! I decided as my knee was fine I might as well keep on running until it got dark. As a female running alone I don't like to run in the dark.

In all I ran 7.5km which I am very happy about :) On friday I am planning on jumping on the metro and having a run in Frederiksberg Have!

25 Oct 2010

More Photos from the Berlin Festival of Lights Sight Running Tour

Sore Knee :(

I ran 5.5km yesterday in around 28 minutes. I didn't want to run longer as my left knee was hurting for a day after my 11.5km run on Friday.

My knee was hurting yesterday evening and also this morning too!!
I am really upset about it and have decided to rest it a couple of days and then do some long walks towards the end of the week.
I won't run at all this week as I really want to be in top condition for the Nike Marathon start-op on Sunday where I'm going to run 15km!

I have to run the 15km as then I'm another goal closer to my marathon goal :)

24 Oct 2010

22 Oct 2010

11.5km in the cold!

This evening I ran 11.5km!

It was very hard for the first 4km as it was so cold. I wanted to just turn around and go home but I forced myself to continue. It was no longer about getting a great time, it was about running 10km no matter how long it took me! I think I just needed to warm up or something.

After that I wasn't on top form but I was definately feeling better :) It was probably the little bit of energy gel I had before I set off that had begun kicking in!

Once I reached 8km I started to get the old 'I can run forever' feeling and at last began to enjoy myself. After 9km I decided to just keep on running and ended up running 11.5km!!
So all in all the run ended up being a great one :)

Socialmarathon 2010

I've signed up to run a half marathon on 31st December 2010!!!

It's the Socialmarathon which is run on Amager. You can run a full marathon or half a marathon. I'm not ready for a marathon but this seemed to be the best half marathon over winter.

Any profits go to the children and youth programme at Rigshopsitalet (hospital) and to a polio vaccination programme.

We will wish everyone we meet a happy new year and all runners no matter the distance they are running will finish together. So I will have a lot of support to make it over the finish line :)

Have a look at the website for more details at http://www.socialmarathon.dk/

21 Oct 2010

Whatever happened to Autumn?

I went for a quick run early this morning and it was so very cold!!

I was finding it hard going and I only ran 4km. I hadn't realised that because of the cold it would hurt in my throat when I was breathing. My legs didn't want to carry me and I had to force myself to keep on running.

There was even ice on puddles! Isn't this supposed to be October? It feels more like December to me :(

I do feel good about one thing....I've realised that if I can run a half marathon in the middle of a cold and windy danish winter then a marathon in May shouldn't seem as hard as I've imagined!

I must run more in terrible weather!!!

18 Oct 2010

Festival of Lights Running Tour Berlin

This weekend my husband and I have been in Berlin.

I found out beforehand that there would be the Festival of Lights while we were there so I thought it might be fun to have a running tour in the evening to see the lights!

I found a fantastic running tour at www.mikes-sightrunning.de/en/


The tour was a special one for the Festival of Lights and I measured it to be 11.5km.

Mike is a fantastic guide and even though I was the only one on the tour that didn't understand German he was happy to translate for me, even asking me to run up front with him.

I enjoyed this tour so much and wish I had done it when we first arrived in Berlin as Mike told us so much information about the city and the best places to eat etc.

I will definately do a running tour whenever I travel now as it's a great way to see a city and have fun at the same tíme :)

14 Oct 2010

Tårnbyløbet 2010 (10km)

I ran 10km in the Tårnbyløbet this evening in my best time of 55 minutes and 10 seconds :)
It was a 5km route and you could choose to run 5km or 10km. The first 5km was kind of crowded running on the pavements and inbetween other people.

Many people chose to only run 5km so the last 5km was much less crowded. Most of the time there was at least 20 metres between me and the person infront and behind.
I just went off into my own little world until about 400 metres before the end when I put my foot down and sprinted the last bit :)

I'm not sure why but I really love to save a little energy for the final sprint!

I had a little of the Maxim strawberry energy gel just before the race and at the 4km point. This is the best energy gel I have tried yet.

10 Oct 2010

Amager Strand (Beach)

I had a fantastic 10km run today and knocked 1 minute and 20 seconds off the time I got running Friløbet! I took a strawberry Maxim energy gel before I went out and it really gave me a boost. I had to keep slowing myself down for the first 4km so I wouldn't get too tired and be unable to finish my 10km.

I ran down to Amager Strand and all the way along it!!

What a great run :) The sun was shining, there were many people out enjoying the weather and lots of boats and ships on the sea.

(Ok so there wasn't any people sunbathing on the beach or swimming in the sea. It is October after all)

I will definately be running there again very soon!

9 Oct 2010

Running in Company!

My husband and I went for a run together this afternoon.

It was the first time I had run with anyone else and it seemed a bit strange at first because I thought I had to keep talking. When I realised it was also ok to be quiet then I felt more relaxed :)

We ran just over 5.5km

8 Oct 2010

Ouch Ouch Ouch!!!

Yesterday I was waiting for my husband to come home and it was getting darker and darker so I eventually decided to just go for a run with my son in his buggy.

Why ever did I do that??

Not only did I go for a run, I ran 5km pushing a 2 year old. The first 2 km were fine and so I thought I may as well run 5km. How much harder can it be?

Answer: VERY!!!

By 4km my calfs were dead and my arms were dropping off :(

I was talking to myself saying 'I have to stop and walk' and then saying 'no don't walk. You can get past this'.

I made it to 5km vowing that I will never again run more than 2km pushing a buggy.

What doesn't kill me will make me stronger!!!

7 Oct 2010

At Last Another Run

I've really missed running!!

Until yesterday evening my last run was on Sunday. I know 3 and a half days isn't much but it sure feels like it when you're iching to go for a run :)

My husband has been away and I really didn't want to run with my youngest in his buggy again. It's not fun and it hurts my arms!

I looked after my niece yesterday and her lovely mum stayed and took care of my son for 30 minutes when she picked up her daughter. So I got to go out by myself and have a 5.5km run!!

I was so happy and really needed that :)

A little update, I seem to be at that stage where I can't better my time when I run 5km. It always seems to be around 26 to 26 and half minutes. I don't want to push hard though just to beat my time as I'd rather run slower than risk an injury!

3 Oct 2010

Copenhagen! The Windy City!

I went for another early morning run today :)

I ran 12.5km in 1hour and 18 minutes!

It was sooo hard! It was sooo windy!

I figure that if I run in windy, rainy, snowy and very bad weather (of which there is plenty in Denmark over the winter months) this will all make the marathon seem just a little easier :)

2 Oct 2010

How do you get into Tårnby Stadium anyway?

This morning I thought it would be a great idea to run down to Tårnby Stadium and run around the track to calibrate my Nike Sportband some more.

I ran down there through a little artificial park which looked really nice. It had little waterfalls and bridges and lots of ducks :)

I got to the stadium and tried the gate. It was locked! I then ran all the way around the outside of the stadium looking for a way in but couldn't find one. Every gate I tried was locked. This sucked! I guess I will have to go all the way to Østerbro stadium to calibrate the sportband another day.

So I ran around a villa area and then home again. In all I ran just over 8k today :)