28 Nov 2010

Cold, Cold, Cold!!!

Vejret i København - Føj til iGoogle

-3 °C

Aktuelt: Mest skyet

I had another run in the snow this morning and it was so cold!! It was only just over 3km but that was enough.

As you can see above I was running in -3 degrees and snow and ice. It was really hard work but someone has to do it :-)

26 Nov 2010

Running in the Snow!

I had a fantastic run yesterday evening in the snow!!

It was also still snowing and was so beautiful and quiet. Just a gentle crunch crunch at every step :-)

I didn't run far, only around 3.5km as it was dark. As you know as a general rule I don't run by myself in the dark but the sight of the snow was just too tempting!

If you ever get a chance to do it have a run in the snow :-)

21 Nov 2010


Today I decided to go for a run between 12km and 15km!

I had a route in my head which I worked out would be about the right distance and off I went.

I ran down to Amager Strand Parken, all the way along the beach, up to Lergravsparken, up to Christianshavn and down to Islands Brygge.

At the bridge I had run 11.5km so I decided to run along by the water on the city side up to Fiskertorvet shopping center and then over the cycle bridge back to Amager. I carried on running through Amager Fælled and up to DR Byen. I had now run 17.5km.

I knew it was another 2km or so home so I decided that as I was so close already I may as well go for a half marathon today!

I ran around a villa area to add on another 2km and then ran home! At 19km I began to get tired but just told myself to snap out of it and keep running!

I had hardly any breakfast this morning and had no water or energy gels.


I am so proud of myself :-)

20 Nov 2010

Another Run with Ørestad Løbeklub (running club)

Yesterday evening I had a 7.5km run with another lady from Ørestad Løbeklub.

It was really cold, dark and rainy but the run and company was great :)

I was going to run today with Copenhagen Joggers. I've decided to have a run by myself tomorrow instead as my knee has stopped hurting and I don't want to push it too much.

15 Nov 2010

No Fællestræning but a run anyway!

I decided not to go to Spartas fællestræning after all yesterday as I thought I wasn't ready to run 15km again yet after having a week o f no running.

Instead I ran 9.5km from my home and into the city and around a bit more. This was a great run as I felt I was actually going somewhere instead of just running around.

I have joined another running group that runs every Tuesday and Saturday so I hope to run with them as much as possible. They plan to run Berlin Marathon next year.

You never know maybe I will join them there :)

13 Nov 2010

Running Again At Last!

After 8 days without a run I finally got to have one today :)

This week has been a nightmare! I've been ill, it's been dark, and the one evening Ørestad Running Club had a run my husband was out so I had to stay home with the children.

I ran a nice slow 5.5km in the very windy weather!

Tomorrow I'm going to Spartas fællestræning :)

7 Nov 2010

I Really Wanted to go to Spartas Fællestræning!

I was planning on going to the first of Spartas marathon training sessions today and instead I'm at home ill :(

It really sucks!!

I'm hoping I can get out and train this week because the training session next week is 15km and if I don't run this week I'm going to really struggle.

4 Nov 2010

Ørestad Løbeklub (running club)

I have joined a running club on Facebook called Ørestad Løbeklub.

I was told about it by someone I know that was also at the Marathon Start Op on Sunday.

3 of us from the club had a 7.7km run this evening. It is really great that I have some people to run with in the dark as I would never run alone at night. We even met and finished right by my home which was lucky for me.

I'm hoping we can make this evening run a regular thing once a week.

1 Nov 2010

Interview for Runabroad.com!!

I have done an interview for RunAbroad.com!!!!

RunAbroad.com is a great site and has a lot of interesting race and marathon information on it!

Lynne Knightley is an English runner living in Denmark. She plans to run her first marathon soon and blogs about it on Beginners Copenhagen Marathon 2011.

What has been your favourite race/run so far?

As of now I have only run in 3 races. The first was a 5k in Copenhagen around some army barracks, by where the cruise ships dock, and then past where The Little Mermaid should be (she is currently in China).

The second race was a 10k called Friløbet also in Copenhagen from near Parken football stadium, along by some lakes, into Tivoli, and back again. I really enjoyed running around inside Tivoli and hope to do this race every year!

The third race was a 10k around the area I live in on Amager.

Still my favourite run would definitely be one I did in Berlin with Mike’s Sight Running Tours. We ran around the streets of Berlin in the evening for the Festival of Lights and it was fantastic!............
To see more visit RunAbroad.com and look for 'Interview with a Runner November 2010'.