7 Jan 2014

Barcelona Marathon Suddenly Seems Very Close

All of a sudden I realised last week that Barcelona Marathon is just around the corner, and I hadn't started doing any proper training for it!

I'm not too worried as I have been doing more running than usual over the winter so far so have a good fitness base to work from.

I've made a little training plan that is more structured than normal. Basically on a Monday I have to run fast or do interval training for 30 minutes, on a Thursday, starting this week with a 12.5k, I have to build my distance up to a long run of at least 26k, and on a Saturday (or Sunday if I have a race) then I have to run a 10k.

As I'm not trying to get a best time in Barcelona and am actually trying to get my slowest time ever this training should work well. I'm going for my slowest time because I'm running Rome Marathon one week after Barcelona so want to save my legs for that! I'm expecting to be even slower in Rome but I'm fine with that as I'll be running with my camera and there's so much to see on the route there :-)