30 Nov 2012

Which Race in Europe Next??

I need some help and suggestions on my next race as I can't decide and in 2013 money will be a little short as I've bought a house which I move into 1st March 2013.

This means that Spring races are out of the question as I'll have to spend money on house things. I'm already on a trip to England with my younger son the last week in July which counts out any races in June, July and August. There are no races nearby where I'm staying in England while I'm there.

Basically this means I need a race in Europe that's not longer than a half marathon either in May, September or even October.

I found this great race called Race the Train which is in England on 17th August but can I really go back there 2 weeks after I've just been?

I also found this other race the train run which is in October http://www.cotswoldcare.org.uk/train/details.php

I'm open to any ideas at all :-) Help!!!

23 Nov 2012

Valencia (my 10km) Marathon 2012

As you can probably tell by the title I didn't run the whole of Valencia marathon! I was very close to changing my mind and doing it anyway but thought I might end up doing more damage to my knee and not being able to run at all.

So I decided to meet my friend Ciry just after the 30km marker and run up to 40km with her. From there I could cut through the park and watch her run into the finish :-)

I arrived in Valencia on the Saturday evening and went down to the Science and Arts area which is also where the start and finish lines are. Then I went back to hotel to meet Ciry.

At 9am on the day of Valencia Marathon I went and stood downstairs of my hotel and watched the start of the marathon. I actually cried because I wanted to be running with them (I was glad later on that I wasn't as it got very hot again).

At 11am I waited at the 41k marker and saw the two marathon leaders come running by! That is something that I normally don't get to see :-) From there I walked up to 30k and waited for Ciry.

Once she arrived I jumped on the course (I had last years bib number on minus the chip so I wouldn't get sent off again) and joined her for the next 10k. A lot of the spectators that had been there on the walk up had now disappeared, probably down to the finish area. It felt really strange running in a marathon which I wasn't really running in! Ciry was doing great and only started getting tired around 37k (from what I could see anyway).

At 40k I said goodbye to her and ran down to the finish area. She came running past about 13 minutes later looking very tired but very determined :-)

Ciry finished in 4 hours, 36 minutes and 9 seconds!!!