27 Mar 2012

The Running Depression Has Hit Again!

Why is it that I always get depressed about one month before a marathon and right before my really long pre-marathon run?

I noticed this before Copenhagen, before Valencia , and now again before Madrid! I feel so depressed and so tired. It's hard for me to just get out the door for a run this week. I dragged my sorry ass out on Sunday for a 5k and the same yesterday.

I can only think that I feel like this because the marathon is so close and all my worries about it begin to surface!
Also because I have the long run which I kind of find pretty boring.

The good news is that normally straight after the long run I become very happy and look forward to the marathon for the next three weeks. Roll on Sunday evening I say :-)


  1. Ánimo Lynne...i´m sure that you will be better in few days....Madrid is waiting for you, and It´ll a fantastic experience

  2. Lynne - It's normal. It happens to many of us. The body is tired and the marathon is around the corner. All kinds of feelings start to kick in. Don't let it ruin your training. You worked really hard to get here. Think about all the hill training you have done in the last months! Just a couple of looooong runs and then tapering starts! Sending you positive vibes from the other side of the ocean :)

  3. I think that's a sign that you are doing a good job peaking 8)

    Don't worry, you'll bounce back during the taper and feel like a million bucks!

    1. Thanks Paul :-)

      I'm sure I'll be fine once this long run is done!