30 Jan 2011

20km Run Today in Minus 2 degrees!

See my run at http://go.nike.com/1f6pe0g

Right now I'm wondering if I should run the Polar Marathon instead of Copenhagen?
I'm certainly training very much in snow, ice and minus degrees!

I'm only joking :-) I think the Polar Marathon would kill me as I really hate the cold!

Anyway, today I ran a great 20km run! The sun was shining which always puts me into a good mood :-)

I ran from my home, through the Amagerfælled and over the bridge by Islands Brygge. From there I ran up to Rådhuspladsen (the town hall square), and all the way from one end of Strøget (the walking street) to the other :-)

That was a lot of fun as it was full of tourists so I had to weave in and out of them. They were looking at me like I was some crazy person (I am a little but that's another story)!

From there I ran up to the queens palace Amalienborg Slot and smiled to the soldiers :-). Then up to the English church and my favourite water fountain called Gefion Fountain. It's turned off in the winter but is so beautiful to see on a summers evening!

From there I ran along the waterfront back towards the city centre and ran through Nyhavn. This is another beautiful area well worth a visit at anytime of the year but again especially worth seeing on a summers evening!

 I then went along the waterfront and under the first bridge, past the Black Diamond (Royal Library) , under Islands Brygge bridge, all the way up to Fisketørvet, then onto the main road up to Sydhavn, and then down Vejlands Alle and home.

All in all it was a great run!

27 Jan 2011

Minus 7 Degrees!

I decided to have a fast run down to get my son from scouts today.

It was SO cold!!! Minus 7 degrees!! It was only a 1.5km run there but everything was hurting on me. I couldn't breathe very well and my legs and hands were going numb!

It was most certainly not such a fast run after all :-(

My son and I didn't do our usual run this evening and instead walked back. I didn't want him to run in that extreme weather!

On the up side, the weather is supposed to start improving tomorrow :-)

26 Jan 2011

Another Snowy and Windy Cold Run!

See my run at http://go.nike.com/21dlkh5

By the title of this entry you will probably realise that the weather has once again gone down hill!

                                                                   It is so cold outside

This afternoon the sun was out for a little while so I thought it best to do my run then.
The wind was making my whole body feel like ice especially while running into it! It wasn't so bad on the way back other than having the sun reflecting on the snow :-)

I went down Ørestads Boulevard all the way to Islands Brygge metro station and then ran down and along Islands Brygge water front. Then back through the Amagerfælled where I got lost and ended up with 1.5km extra on my distance :-)

You may notice that the routes I run are usually not the same. This is so I don't get bored and I get to see different things each time I run.

I can honestly say that I am finding my marathon training so much fun right now :-)

If Copenhagen Marathon goes well I am seriously thinking about running Berlin Marathon this year too!!

Now I know I really am strange ;-)

24 Jan 2011

7km run and Ila Personal Alarm!

I had to pick up my son from his friends this evening so decided to have a run there. I wasn't aching from my run yesterday and it wasn't too far away so I thought it would be ok.

I ran a little extra to make the distance up to 7km which I'm supposed to run tomorrow. I ran down to the beach again, along the road beside it (no way was I running on the beach in the dark), and then run up to my sons friends house.

As I now have to run in the dark to beable to do my marathon training I have bought a personal alarm. It's a really good one that screams like a lady when you pull the metal chain out. As you can see from the photo it looks nice as well :-) It comes in many different colours and patterns.

If you are a lady running by yourself I highly recommend it!

Check out http://www.ilasecurity.com/uk/our-products/ila-dusk/ to read about it for yourself.

23 Jan 2011

Marathon Training is Going Good!!

See my run at http://go.nike.com/05fe1p1o

Today I ran 15.5km which is 3.5km more than I said I would!

I'm starting a job at the airport in February and as I'm thinking about having some runs home from work I thought it would be a good idea to see how far it is. Door to door is a little over 5km.

From the airport I headed to Amagerstrand and had a great run along the beach before heading home :-)

21 Jan 2011

Running for Help for Heroes Charity

I have decided to run Copenhagen Marathon 2011 for the Help for Heroes charity.

This is a charity that helps wounded soldiers and their families!
I have created a page at the top of my blog and the information is also written below:-

I always knew I wanted to run for a charity but it had to be the right one for me. And Help for Heroes is The Right One!

Members of my own family have been stationed in war zones such as Bosnia and Iraq. I really feel for the injured and dead soldiers and their families. That is why I decided to run for Help for Heroes! I want to help these soldiers and families and encourage others to do the same.


Donating through this page is simple, quick and secure. It is the most efficient way to give – so every donation goes further – and if you are a UK taxpayer and give Gift Aid consent the charity will receive an extra 28% at no cost to you.

Thank you for your support.

And for supporting such a great charity with me!

All the best,

20 Jan 2011

And My Serious Marathon Training Has Started.....!!!

This is it.....On your marks. Get set. GO!!!!

My proper marathon training has started :-)

I ran 7.5km this evening just around the main streets on Amager. My foot has stopped hurting! I have now laced my trainers in a way that doesn't put pressure on the top of my feet.

Lacing Technique:

1. The lace runs straight across the bottom (grey section) and the ends are fed into both bottom eyelets.

2. One end of the lace (yellow end) runs straight up the right side, emerges and runs straight across the second set of eyelets.

3. Both ends now run straight up the left side, each skipping one eyelet before emerging two eyelets higher up.

4. Continue running both ends across the shoe, then straight up two eyelets at a time, until one end reaches the top.

5. The other end then runs straight across the second last set of eyelets, then straight up to the top.

Just like last week (and probably most Thursdays from now on) I ended my run at my sons Scouts hut.

My son and I then ran the 1.25km home for his training to help me run the last 2km of the marathon. (This isn't counted in my marathon kilometres).

My next run is scheduled for Sunday :-)

17 Jan 2011

Ouch My Foot!!

Well that's just great.....Here I am about to start my serious marathon training four months before Copenhagen Marathon 2011 and I've hurt my foot :-(

I think it's just a tendon. I was fine while running yesterday but later on in the evening the top of my foot between my big toe and my arch started to hurt. It was like something was grinding whenever I moved my foot or toes a certain way. Especially if I pointed my toes upwards.

I taped my foot up when I went out as I wasn't sure what else to do. When I came home I remembered a bandage, that I had bought when I was in England, called Physicool. (http://www.physicool.co.uk/)

It's a cooling bandage for inflammation and bruising of the muscles tendons and ligaments. I'm not sure how it works but it has the cooling agent already in the bandage so you don't have to put it in the fridge.

Anyway I put the bandage on, elevated my foot, and left it there for around one and a half hours. My foot was tingling for sometime afterwards but the pain was mostly gone and there was no more grinding sensation.

I'm going to put it on again this evening while watching a DVD and see how my foot is in the morning.

This is very annoying!!!

16 Jan 2011

Another Half Marathon Completed!

This morning I decided to run another half marathon if I could so I got ready, put on my head phones (I like music on long runs), and off I went :-)

I ran almost up to Sydhavn station and then headed towards Fisketorvet Shopping Centre. I stopped here for a quick drink. Then I ran all the way along by the water past the Royal Library, and then over the bridge into Christianshavn. From here I ran the long way down towards the beach, got lost and turned around and headed back down to the beach.
I decided to run along the road next to the beach today as I didn't much feel like running on ice. Once I got to the SAS Hotel I headed up Kastrupsvej and then onto Vejlands Alle and then home.

I ran this half marathon in a little over 2 hours. I'm not sure of the correct time as I actually ran just over 22km. This I did in 2 hours and 7 minutes so I suppose the half marathon was in around 2 hours and 5 or 6 minutes.

This time I managed to get to 20km before I started to have trouble so I must be getting better :-)

I forgot to mention that I have read lots about the benefits of Beetroot Juice for runners so I tried some before my run today. It did seem to help my energy level lots and now I have really cool red wee!

13 Jan 2011

Running with my Son :-)

I had to pick my 7 year old son up from cubs/scouts today so I had a 5.5km run beforehand. It started snowing as soon as I stepped out of the door.

When I had got him we decided to run home so ran 1.25km together :-)

He is training up to run 2km as he wants to run the last 2km of Copenhagen Marathon with me and help me cross the finish line!

12 Jan 2011

Marathon Running Planner

I've just been working out a marathon running schedule for the 16 weeks before Copenhagen Marathon!

It looks like a lot of hard work!

I'm starting off easy (ish) and end up running 30km just before I begin tapering off. I will be running 3 or 4 times a week. Mostly 3 times until it gets lighter in the evenings.

Once I've worked out my planner properly I'll make a page at the top of the blog with the whole schedule on it :-)

9 Jan 2011

Just a Little Run....

I didn't make it to the Sparta Fællestræning today as I had to pick up my son from his grandparents where he sleep last night.

So I ran to go and get him instead and ended up having a 6km run. The surfaces were once again very icey and I nearly fell down!

I can't wait for Spring :-)

7 Jan 2011

I Hate Ice!

I had planned to have a 10km run this afternoon but it was so icey and dangerous that I stopped after 4km and took the metro home.

I was really upset as I had so wanted to have a good run today.

The Sparta training is 18km on Sunday so I'm thinking about doing that now. 18km should be reasonably easy as I wasn't struggling too much until 19km in the half marathon last week. The only difference then was that I had a great Scottish guy to talk with :-)

Unless I'm lucky again to find someone nice to chat with I'll be talking to myself on Sunday.

6 Jan 2011

Nike Marathontest 1, 2, and 3 and MalmoMilen

I've signed up for Nike Marathontest 1, 2 and 3 in Copenhagen.

Nike Marathontest 1 is 10km on 6th February
Nike Marathontest 2 is 15km on 13th March
Nike Marathontest 3 is a half marathon on 17th April

I've also signed up for MalmoMilen which is Sweden in June.
It's only a 10km run but it goes right through central Malmo so I thought it would be great for sight seeing :-)

1 Jan 2011

Socialmarathon 2010 = Ice, Accidents, Champagne, and Lots of Fun!!!

My First Ever Medal :-)

Running the (Half) Socialmarathon 2010 was a really great experience!

I decided to run it with the 2 hours, 15 minutes group and was really glad I did as 2 hours would have been too hard for me.

As it had rained the night before this had then frozen on the roads and pavements and made the going VERY slippery and icey. This called for much more concentration than usual just to stay upright.

We were about 50 to 55 people running in my time group which was a really good number. At the start line I started speaking to a Scottish man and we ran together talking all the way round.

Around about the 10 or 11km mark we were all running on the bike path or pavement when a garbage truck came around the corner too quickly and skidded on some ice. It hit a car on the other side of the road! Me and another man ran over to make sure the people in the car were ok. They were and there wasn't too much damage to the car.
I keep thinking that it was so lucky for us that the garbage truck slid towards the other side of the road as it would have hit us runners if it had gone the other way.

Ice, Ice, and more Ice!

I was finding it quite easy going until we got to Amagerstrand around the 13km mark. As soon as we got there the path was just thick ice that was packed together. I choose to run by the side of the path as much as possible as I found it a little easier and not so slippery. It was still hard to run on as every step you were dipping in and out of other peoples iced up footsteps.

When we got to the next water/tea/cake stop I realised that we were only at the 16km mark. How was I going to run another 5km? I was beginning to control my breathing properly and not speak so much as it was becoming hard to breath in the cold.

I was actually ok after the break and had no problems until 18.5km when I felt the need to look at my watch for the first time. This spurred me on when I realised there was only another 2.5km to go. At 19.5km I was dead and just watching the feet of the Scottish man infront of me. When I looked up I could see the building by the finsh line. When I had the finish line in sight I said to the Scottish man 'let's do a sprint finish'. So we both zoomed over the line :-)

I then got my medal and my diploma and spent the next hour drinking champagne and eating cake and chatting! I think I had 4 glasses of champagne in all :-)

When I arrived home my husband was at the door taking photos of me! My boys and hubby gave me a 200kr gift voucher to a sports shop for being 'The Worlds Best Running Mum' :-)

I was so tired and worn out that I had to have a sleep before our New Years Eve party.