16 Feb 2014

4 Weeks until Barcelona Marathon and 5 Weeks until Rome!

 It's been a little while since I've last written here! I've been very busy with my training and also setting up my new business More Than Tourism. I thought today would be a great day to catch up as it's now only 4 weeks until Barcelona marathon and 5 weeks until Rome!

My training has been the best ever! I've been following my own plan of running a fast 5k each week, a 10k each week, and then building up my kilometres on the third training day. I have run two half marathon training sessions, one two weeks ago and one yesterday. I have my VERY long training run next Sunday and then can start tapering at last :-)

I believe my training has been so successful because, for two of the runs each week, I have my running partner Felicity with me! This has really helped get me out of the door in the snow, rain, and wind!

I am very much looking forward to both Barcelona and Rome marathons :-) I can't wait to visit both cities again! As of now I know no one in Barcelona and aren't in touch with anyone that will be running there! I'm sure I'll find a local to run next to and talk their ears off a bit ;-)

In Rome I am meeting up with an old school friend of mine called Danny. I haven't seen him in 20 years so it will be lovely to have a chance to catch up. He ran London marathon for the first time last year. It seems he caught the bug too!

I am so close to achieving my goal of joining the Marathon Maniacs and am going to be an extremely HAPPY girlie when I cross Romes finish line. I've already decided to treat myself to the biggest and most delicious Italian ice cream I can find :-)