29 Dec 2010

No Runs For a While!

I haven't been out for a run over the Christmas period.

I guess I'm a little lazy and figured as I'm running a half marathon on New Years Eve that it was ok to miss a couple of runs :-)

Two more days and I will have runned an official half marathon! I can't wait :-)

19 Dec 2010

Great Runs in the Snow :-)

It's really snowy and cold in Copenhagen right now but that's not going to stop me running!

I ran 6km on Friday and 7.5km today!

I'm really looking forward to running a half marathon in the Social Marathon on New Years Eve :-)

13 Dec 2010

Back Again!!

I've been away for a while in England and couldn't fit my running stuff in my suitcase this time :-(

I've had a little run since I've been back. Just 3km in minus 3 degrees with the wind blowing into my face!

How am I going to manage to run a half marathon on New Years Eve?

28 Nov 2010

Cold, Cold, Cold!!!

Vejret i København - Føj til iGoogle

-3 °C

Aktuelt: Mest skyet

I had another run in the snow this morning and it was so cold!! It was only just over 3km but that was enough.

As you can see above I was running in -3 degrees and snow and ice. It was really hard work but someone has to do it :-)

26 Nov 2010

Running in the Snow!

I had a fantastic run yesterday evening in the snow!!

It was also still snowing and was so beautiful and quiet. Just a gentle crunch crunch at every step :-)

I didn't run far, only around 3.5km as it was dark. As you know as a general rule I don't run by myself in the dark but the sight of the snow was just too tempting!

If you ever get a chance to do it have a run in the snow :-)

21 Nov 2010


Today I decided to go for a run between 12km and 15km!

I had a route in my head which I worked out would be about the right distance and off I went.

I ran down to Amager Strand Parken, all the way along the beach, up to Lergravsparken, up to Christianshavn and down to Islands Brygge.

At the bridge I had run 11.5km so I decided to run along by the water on the city side up to Fiskertorvet shopping center and then over the cycle bridge back to Amager. I carried on running through Amager Fælled and up to DR Byen. I had now run 17.5km.

I knew it was another 2km or so home so I decided that as I was so close already I may as well go for a half marathon today!

I ran around a villa area to add on another 2km and then ran home! At 19km I began to get tired but just told myself to snap out of it and keep running!

I had hardly any breakfast this morning and had no water or energy gels.


I am so proud of myself :-)

20 Nov 2010

Another Run with Ørestad Løbeklub (running club)

Yesterday evening I had a 7.5km run with another lady from Ørestad Løbeklub.

It was really cold, dark and rainy but the run and company was great :)

I was going to run today with Copenhagen Joggers. I've decided to have a run by myself tomorrow instead as my knee has stopped hurting and I don't want to push it too much.

15 Nov 2010

No Fællestræning but a run anyway!

I decided not to go to Spartas fællestræning after all yesterday as I thought I wasn't ready to run 15km again yet after having a week o f no running.

Instead I ran 9.5km from my home and into the city and around a bit more. This was a great run as I felt I was actually going somewhere instead of just running around.

I have joined another running group that runs every Tuesday and Saturday so I hope to run with them as much as possible. They plan to run Berlin Marathon next year.

You never know maybe I will join them there :)

13 Nov 2010

Running Again At Last!

After 8 days without a run I finally got to have one today :)

This week has been a nightmare! I've been ill, it's been dark, and the one evening Ørestad Running Club had a run my husband was out so I had to stay home with the children.

I ran a nice slow 5.5km in the very windy weather!

Tomorrow I'm going to Spartas fællestræning :)

7 Nov 2010

I Really Wanted to go to Spartas Fællestræning!

I was planning on going to the first of Spartas marathon training sessions today and instead I'm at home ill :(

It really sucks!!

I'm hoping I can get out and train this week because the training session next week is 15km and if I don't run this week I'm going to really struggle.

4 Nov 2010

Ørestad Løbeklub (running club)

I have joined a running club on Facebook called Ørestad Løbeklub.

I was told about it by someone I know that was also at the Marathon Start Op on Sunday.

3 of us from the club had a 7.7km run this evening. It is really great that I have some people to run with in the dark as I would never run alone at night. We even met and finished right by my home which was lucky for me.

I'm hoping we can make this evening run a regular thing once a week.

1 Nov 2010

Interview for Runabroad.com!!

I have done an interview for RunAbroad.com!!!!

RunAbroad.com is a great site and has a lot of interesting race and marathon information on it!

Lynne Knightley is an English runner living in Denmark. She plans to run her first marathon soon and blogs about it on Beginners Copenhagen Marathon 2011.

What has been your favourite race/run so far?

As of now I have only run in 3 races. The first was a 5k in Copenhagen around some army barracks, by where the cruise ships dock, and then past where The Little Mermaid should be (she is currently in China).

The second race was a 10k called Friløbet also in Copenhagen from near Parken football stadium, along by some lakes, into Tivoli, and back again. I really enjoyed running around inside Tivoli and hope to do this race every year!

The third race was a 10k around the area I live in on Amager.

Still my favourite run would definitely be one I did in Berlin with Mike’s Sight Running Tours. We ran around the streets of Berlin in the evening for the Festival of Lights and it was fantastic!............
To see more visit RunAbroad.com and look for 'Interview with a Runner November 2010'.

31 Oct 2010

Marathon Start Op Diploma


1543 , Lynne-Deanne Knightley,

Tillykke med din præstation

Distance: 15 km

Nettotid : 01:24:13

Placering M/K: 93

Placering samlet: 390

Runde 1: 00:27:53

Runde 2: 00:28:28

Runde 3: 00:27:52

Med venlig hilsen

Sparta, Powerade, Marathon Sport og Nike

Copenhagen Marathon Start Op 15km

I ran this morning in the marathon start op and ran 15km in 1 hour, 24 minutes and 13 seconds (official time)!
I was aiming for around 27/28 minutes so am really pleased with this time. Oh and my knee wasn't hurting at all. I did take 2 ibrufen tablets before the race though, just in case.

It was 3 times around Fælledparken on Østerbro and there were pace setters that you could follow. I ran either a little ahead or a little behind the 5.40 ones all the time.

It was a fantastic race and the day couldn't have been better! No wind! No rain! No sun! Just a very cloudy sky. The leaves were falling or had fallen from the trees and the smell of Autumn was in the air :)

15 minutes before the race I took a High5 energy gel to wake me up a little.

Me in the distance on the very left hand side of the photo

The first 5km was pretty easy and I decided not to have any water and just keep running when I had gone round once. There were way too many people at the water depot anyway. The second time round was much harder, probably because I stop for a drink!
At 10km I had some water and also some Powerade which gave me a great boost for kilometres 11 and 12.

At 13km my pace becan to slow down so I took a SIS energy gel and managed to finish the 15km on a high!!

Another great race by Sparta :)

28 Oct 2010

Runners Knee

After my run yesterday once again my left knee was hurting :(

I think I have what is known as runners knee! Great just what I need! This is probably what I had when I was younger and I stopped running because of it. Back then I had no one tell me what it was so I just quit running so it wouldn't hurt anymore.

This time I know what it is and how to make it go away! Have a look at this website for information about runners knee. http://runnersknee.co.uk/

I have taped up my knee and am still waiting for my under knee support to come. This should help very much. The taping is also helping lots and I am thinking about buying some Kinesio Tape which I have read lots about.

If you are interested have a look at their website. http://www.kinesiotaping.co.uk/

27 Oct 2010

7.5km run

I couldn't wait so long to run again so I taped up under my knee to support it (I have a proper under knee support coming in the post) and went for an evening run :)

I had a cup of coffee as I went out of the door to give me an energy boost which kicked in around the 3km mark.

I looked at my watch at 2.5km and couldn't believe I hadn't run further :( The next time I looked I guessed that I had run at least 3.5km and it actually said I'd run over 5km! I decided as my knee was fine I might as well keep on running until it got dark. As a female running alone I don't like to run in the dark.

In all I ran 7.5km which I am very happy about :) On friday I am planning on jumping on the metro and having a run in Frederiksberg Have!

25 Oct 2010

More Photos from the Berlin Festival of Lights Sight Running Tour

Sore Knee :(

I ran 5.5km yesterday in around 28 minutes. I didn't want to run longer as my left knee was hurting for a day after my 11.5km run on Friday.

My knee was hurting yesterday evening and also this morning too!!
I am really upset about it and have decided to rest it a couple of days and then do some long walks towards the end of the week.
I won't run at all this week as I really want to be in top condition for the Nike Marathon start-op on Sunday where I'm going to run 15km!

I have to run the 15km as then I'm another goal closer to my marathon goal :)

24 Oct 2010

22 Oct 2010

11.5km in the cold!

This evening I ran 11.5km!

It was very hard for the first 4km as it was so cold. I wanted to just turn around and go home but I forced myself to continue. It was no longer about getting a great time, it was about running 10km no matter how long it took me! I think I just needed to warm up or something.

After that I wasn't on top form but I was definately feeling better :) It was probably the little bit of energy gel I had before I set off that had begun kicking in!

Once I reached 8km I started to get the old 'I can run forever' feeling and at last began to enjoy myself. After 9km I decided to just keep on running and ended up running 11.5km!!
So all in all the run ended up being a great one :)

Socialmarathon 2010

I've signed up to run a half marathon on 31st December 2010!!!

It's the Socialmarathon which is run on Amager. You can run a full marathon or half a marathon. I'm not ready for a marathon but this seemed to be the best half marathon over winter.

Any profits go to the children and youth programme at Rigshopsitalet (hospital) and to a polio vaccination programme.

We will wish everyone we meet a happy new year and all runners no matter the distance they are running will finish together. So I will have a lot of support to make it over the finish line :)

Have a look at the website for more details at http://www.socialmarathon.dk/

21 Oct 2010

Whatever happened to Autumn?

I went for a quick run early this morning and it was so very cold!!

I was finding it hard going and I only ran 4km. I hadn't realised that because of the cold it would hurt in my throat when I was breathing. My legs didn't want to carry me and I had to force myself to keep on running.

There was even ice on puddles! Isn't this supposed to be October? It feels more like December to me :(

I do feel good about one thing....I've realised that if I can run a half marathon in the middle of a cold and windy danish winter then a marathon in May shouldn't seem as hard as I've imagined!

I must run more in terrible weather!!!

18 Oct 2010

Festival of Lights Running Tour Berlin

This weekend my husband and I have been in Berlin.

I found out beforehand that there would be the Festival of Lights while we were there so I thought it might be fun to have a running tour in the evening to see the lights!

I found a fantastic running tour at www.mikes-sightrunning.de/en/


The tour was a special one for the Festival of Lights and I measured it to be 11.5km.

Mike is a fantastic guide and even though I was the only one on the tour that didn't understand German he was happy to translate for me, even asking me to run up front with him.

I enjoyed this tour so much and wish I had done it when we first arrived in Berlin as Mike told us so much information about the city and the best places to eat etc.

I will definately do a running tour whenever I travel now as it's a great way to see a city and have fun at the same tíme :)

14 Oct 2010

Tårnbyløbet 2010 (10km)

I ran 10km in the Tårnbyløbet this evening in my best time of 55 minutes and 10 seconds :)
It was a 5km route and you could choose to run 5km or 10km. The first 5km was kind of crowded running on the pavements and inbetween other people.

Many people chose to only run 5km so the last 5km was much less crowded. Most of the time there was at least 20 metres between me and the person infront and behind.
I just went off into my own little world until about 400 metres before the end when I put my foot down and sprinted the last bit :)

I'm not sure why but I really love to save a little energy for the final sprint!

I had a little of the Maxim strawberry energy gel just before the race and at the 4km point. This is the best energy gel I have tried yet.

10 Oct 2010

Amager Strand (Beach)

I had a fantastic 10km run today and knocked 1 minute and 20 seconds off the time I got running Friløbet! I took a strawberry Maxim energy gel before I went out and it really gave me a boost. I had to keep slowing myself down for the first 4km so I wouldn't get too tired and be unable to finish my 10km.

I ran down to Amager Strand and all the way along it!!

What a great run :) The sun was shining, there were many people out enjoying the weather and lots of boats and ships on the sea.

(Ok so there wasn't any people sunbathing on the beach or swimming in the sea. It is October after all)

I will definately be running there again very soon!

9 Oct 2010

Running in Company!

My husband and I went for a run together this afternoon.

It was the first time I had run with anyone else and it seemed a bit strange at first because I thought I had to keep talking. When I realised it was also ok to be quiet then I felt more relaxed :)

We ran just over 5.5km

8 Oct 2010

Ouch Ouch Ouch!!!

Yesterday I was waiting for my husband to come home and it was getting darker and darker so I eventually decided to just go for a run with my son in his buggy.

Why ever did I do that??

Not only did I go for a run, I ran 5km pushing a 2 year old. The first 2 km were fine and so I thought I may as well run 5km. How much harder can it be?

Answer: VERY!!!

By 4km my calfs were dead and my arms were dropping off :(

I was talking to myself saying 'I have to stop and walk' and then saying 'no don't walk. You can get past this'.

I made it to 5km vowing that I will never again run more than 2km pushing a buggy.

What doesn't kill me will make me stronger!!!

7 Oct 2010

At Last Another Run

I've really missed running!!

Until yesterday evening my last run was on Sunday. I know 3 and a half days isn't much but it sure feels like it when you're iching to go for a run :)

My husband has been away and I really didn't want to run with my youngest in his buggy again. It's not fun and it hurts my arms!

I looked after my niece yesterday and her lovely mum stayed and took care of my son for 30 minutes when she picked up her daughter. So I got to go out by myself and have a 5.5km run!!

I was so happy and really needed that :)

A little update, I seem to be at that stage where I can't better my time when I run 5km. It always seems to be around 26 to 26 and half minutes. I don't want to push hard though just to beat my time as I'd rather run slower than risk an injury!

3 Oct 2010

Copenhagen! The Windy City!

I went for another early morning run today :)

I ran 12.5km in 1hour and 18 minutes!

It was sooo hard! It was sooo windy!

I figure that if I run in windy, rainy, snowy and very bad weather (of which there is plenty in Denmark over the winter months) this will all make the marathon seem just a little easier :)

2 Oct 2010

How do you get into Tårnby Stadium anyway?

This morning I thought it would be a great idea to run down to Tårnby Stadium and run around the track to calibrate my Nike Sportband some more.

I ran down there through a little artificial park which looked really nice. It had little waterfalls and bridges and lots of ducks :)

I got to the stadium and tried the gate. It was locked! I then ran all the way around the outside of the stadium looking for a way in but couldn't find one. Every gate I tried was locked. This sucked! I guess I will have to go all the way to Østerbro stadium to calibrate the sportband another day.

So I ran around a villa area and then home again. In all I ran just over 8k today :)

30 Sept 2010

Getting Lost!

First just to let you know that I have signed up for Tårnbyløbet on 14th October and will be running another 10k :)

Early evening I went for a run. I was planning on running about 6k.

This turned into an 8.5k run as I got just a little bit lost :)

The other day I was running behind a man who crossed a road and carried on running down a track. I turned a corner and stayed on the road. After 10 minutes the same man came out of a track a little ahead of me. I decided to run that way today as it looked more interesting than running on the road.

I went down the track and it was very nice with lots of little houses down it. The track was winding very much. I kept looking for a little alleyway or something that would led me to the end of the road but couldn't find one. I carried on running and after 2.5k I ended up back at the same place where I had entered the track in the beginning!

My sense of direction has never been that great but today it was totally off :(

Never mind though I had a great run and found a nice area that I can run around again :)

28 Sept 2010

Newline Winter Set and Little Runs

This is the Newline winter set that I have bought from http://www.loebeshop.dk/ for 599kr.

Of course, I had to test it out straightaway! So this morning I ran my oldest boy up to his school and back which is a just under 4km route. I am so glad I had this set on!

It was so windy and so cold this morning! It could have been December if you didn't know any different.

I love this Newline set :) It is warm but not over the top.
The jacket has a little pocket by the zip and a really big one at the back. Both have zips on them. There are also zips on the sleeve so they can be opened up a bit.
The tights have a little pocket with zip at the back of them. They have zips on the legs to open them up too.

I also ran back up to the school this afternoon to pick my son up. So I've ran around 7.5km today.

27 Sept 2010

Marathon Start Up

And so I've signed up for the Sparta Marathon Start Up!

It cost 270kr which is pretty expensive but I still decided to sign up for it because there are no other 15km races in Copenhagen until the end of December and I need to do one to achieve my next goal.

I do get a nike running vest in with the price though so it's not that bad :)

The run is around Fælledparken. It's a 5km course and you can run it once, twice or three times. You can decide on the day what you want to do. I'm going for the 15km!

I'm having a rest day today and then probably a short run in the morning both on Tuesday and Wednesday

26 Sept 2010

Friløbet 2010 Diploma

Søndag den 26. september 2010


har løbet Friløbet - 10 km i klassen Kvinder 20-34 år

Tid: 1:00:26 - 6:02 min/km

Placering køn: 1447, klasse: 337

Friløbet 2010

And so I have completed my second goal in my marathon training!!

I ran 10km in Friløbet in Copenhagen today. It's a great run where you start outside Østerbro Stadium, run by the lakes, into and around Tivoli, back by the lakes, through Fælledparken, and then into Østerbro stadium!

The weather was almost perfect. No rain, no sun, just lots of clouds :) I was running a little into the wind on the way back from Tivoli by the lakes but it was nothing that really mattered.

My official time was 1 hour and 26 seconds!!!

Now I know that this time is not so good as my other "10km's". This is because my Nike+ sportband hadn't been calibrated so where I thought I was running a 10km it was more like a little under 9km.

The good news is that I actually beat my old "10km" time by over 2 minutes and did it in 55 minutes and 4 seconds!!

I, of course, have calibrated the sportsband now so am looking forward to my next 10km run to try and beat my time :)

Goal number 3 is calling and that's a 15km race! Probably the Nike Marathon Start-up on 31st October :)

24 Sept 2010

I beat my old 5k time by loads!

I beat my old 5k time today! I ran 5k in 26 minutes and 56 seconds :)

My old best 5k time was during the Mini Havneløb. This time was 28 minutes and 6 seconds.

Until today, no matter how hard I tried I was unable to get a better time.

I didn't really do anything different today except have a cup of coffee one hour before I ran. Maybe the caffeine gave me an energy boost or something :)

22 Sept 2010

Energy Gel and 10km Times!

I went for a run this afternoon and decided to test out an energy gel as I would be running around 10km. I took it just as I was going out the door.

I didn't notice any difference until I had run 4km when all of a sudden I had more energy than I knew what to do with. And my energy level really did seem to change from one minute to the next. My pace time went from 5 minutes 40 seconds per km to 5 minutes 20 seconds.

I felt fantastic!!
The problem was that after I had run 10km I still had so much energy but didn't want to risk an injury by running more.
I will experiment with an energy gel again when I run Friløbet on Sunday but this time take it 20 minutes before I start running so it has time to kick in.
I ran my best 10km time yet of 56 minutes and 20 seconds :)

21 Sept 2010

Just Another Morning Run

I ran up to Latimers school and back again this morning :)

This time I used my younger sons lightweight 3 wheel buggy and actually ran the same pace as I do without it!

It's 4km there and back so I'm able to do a little run everytime I have to take Latimer to school. It was so mucher easier with the little buggy :)

20 Sept 2010

Baby Jogger and Me!

Ok, so I've borrowed my friends baby jogger to see if I like them before I buy one myself.

The answer to the question is: Nooooooooooooo!!

I ran up to my older sons school and back this morning with my youngest in the jogger. It was so hard to run with :(

My legs hurt, my arms hurt, my shoulders hurt, and I ran so slow! I couldn't even blame the wind today.

Conclusion: I don't think I'm buying a baby jogger anytime soon!

19 Sept 2010

The Wind Just Keeps On Blowing!

I ran just over 5km today and no matter which direction I ran in it seemed like I was always running into the wind!

I've borrowed a baby jogger from my friend for a couple of days so I can try it out before I buy one myself.
I will be running my older son to school with the little one in the jogger for the next couple of mornings. My older son will, of course, be on his bike :)

I'm thinking about signing up for the marathon start up on 31st October. If I do, I'll run 15km in it!

17 Sept 2010

12.5km!!! My longest run to date!

This evening in the rain and wind I ran 12.5km!!

I ran the 10km in 57 minutes and 12 seconds which was pretty much the same as my last 10km.

The last 2.5km of todays run was pretty horrible. I was running into strong wind and it was so hard!

I think it's important to run in all weather conditions so I get used to it as who knows what the danish weather will be on race day :)

Have a great weekend!

16 Sept 2010

I must buy a baby jogger!!

As I had to pick up my oldest son from his cubs tonight I decided to run there and back.

I put my youngest boy into his little buggy and off we went. I ran 3.5km altogether.

It was much harder than I thought it would be to run with a buggy! The next item on my shopping list is a second hand baby jogger :)

New Copenhagen Marathon 2011 Website Coming Soon

This is the news from Sparta's website regarding Copenhagen Marathon 2011 new website.
I have translated it to English for you:- (The danish version is below this)


Together with Nykredit, in a few weeks times we are launching a completely new site on copenhagenmarathon.dk. Because of this we have down prioritised the updating of the old site so we can work more efficiently on the new.

We are looking forward to welcoming the runs many participants and other people with marathon interests to a new and better site.

On top of this, we are also working on a new administration system and server updating for the coming season. This wil give us a better and more reliable solution regarding result viewing, diploma printouts, live viewing etc.

Da vi i samarbejde med Nykredit i løbet af få uger lancerer et helt nyt site på copenhagenmarathon.dk, er opdatering af det gamle site blevet nedprioriteret i en periode, for at kunne satse fuldt ud på det nye.
Vi glæder os til at kunne bydes løbets mange deltagere og andre maraton-interesserede velkommen til et nyt og forbedret site.

Derudover arbejder vi på et nyt administrationssystem og serveropdatering, der i kommende sæson, vil give os en bedre og mere driftsikker løsning mht. resultatvisning, diplomudskrift, live-visning m.m.

15 Sept 2010

How to be a More Effective Runner

Below is an article by Skeeter McGee which I thought would be very helpful.

Do you find that after running for a while, you hit the wall? You just can't muster up the energy you need to finish your run. This is very typical among runners, and to the first step to get over this problem is to understand that it's a mental challenge, and can be overcome.

By utilizing some tricks that marathon runners use on a daily basis, you may find yourself busting past that wall and breaking personal records. Marathon runners are experienced and wise in the ways of running long distances. Have you ever heard the saying "Don't recreate the wheel." That is how you should look at being a more productive runner. You may have no desire to run 26 miles in a single stretch, but no one can argue that marathon runners haven't got it figured out. So the simple fact is that if you learn to do what they do, you will become a better, more effective runner. Here are 3 basic steps anyone can take to get over mental blocks and premature exhaustion.
The first way is to simply distract yourself. When you're running, don't look way off into the distance and long for that invisible finish line your after. You shouldn't focus on how much more ground you have to cover. This will just psych you out. Instead, find other things to focus on. Things that are in no way related to what your doing. Try singing a song out loud, or even in your head. Or you could choose a random number, and count backwards from it. Then count forward in 3s. If you're following other runners, study them. Focusing on other people can help you keep your mind off your running. You could try planning your next workout in your head, going over your sets and rep counts.

Another useful way to help with your running is to change the way you think. If you've been running for 20 minutes, don't think of it like you still have another 30 minutes to go. This can be very discouraging. Instead, praise yourself a little. Pat yourself on the back. Think "I've already ran 20 minutes!" Compare that to half an hour ago, when you haven't ran at all yet. 20 minutes is great. Now you can just keep on running, and after awhile, check your time again. Thinking ahead about how much time is left in your run, or how much distance is left, can be discouraging.

You can also just try and relax. This may sound difficult, but try it. If your out there running in a race, or just getting some normal exercise, it's a bad idea to get bogged down by your negative emotions that come with being tired. Maybe you feel anxiety if you don't finish as planned, or embarrassed because you haven't gone as far as other runners around you, or stressed because you just want to be healthy and running feels strenuous. Try to relax your mind. Don't get caught up in what you thought you could accomplish if realistically you can't quite reach those goals yet. Try finding a running partner, or partners, someone to run along side with. This helps you worry less because you'll be around others who perform at the same level.

So try these things out next time your running. Remember, distract yourself, think positively about your progress, and relax your mind. Follow these steps and you could very well find yourself breaking through those mental blocks.

I hope you found this article as interesting as I do. Right now I don't get bored when out running but what will happen when I start running 15km and more?

Copenhagen Marathon 2011 Here I come!

And so I finally did it......I am now signed up for Copenhagen Marathon 2011!!!

No backing out now!

I am so looking forward to it :) Does that make me crazy?

14 Sept 2010

Nike Running Denmark TakeCPH

As I am using the Nike+ sportband and have the chip in my shoe I signed up for a challenge called TakeCPH.

The TakeCPH challenge is where Copenhagen is seperated into different sections and the area you live in is the area you run for. Every km you run you can then take a square on the map of Copenhagen and it will turn the colour of your own area.

The area with the most coloured squares at the end wins!

Have a look at the site. It's actually pretty cool and encourages you to run further.

More Running and 'Singing in the Rain'

I ran just over 8km this evening in 46 minutes! It was raining for a while so I started singing to myself :)

I found the last 2.5km a little harder than usual as it was into the wind. The run overall was still pretty easy and I really enjoyed it.

11 Sept 2010

10km under 1 hour!!

And so I did it.......

10km in 57 minutes and 53 seconds :)

And it still seemed easy and that I could have just kept going!! I have no idea why running seems so easy now. I can only put it down to my body getting used to it and to actually having a great pair of running shoes! My other ones were pretty old (but not very worn down).

The weather this evening was great for running. It was mostly cloudy and a perfect temperature :)

I am REALLY looking forward to running 10km in the Friløbet and getting to run around the inside of Tivoli!!

Come and join me!!

9 Sept 2010

Copenhagen Marathon Route 2010

This is the Copenhagen Marathon route from this year. I think it will be the same one in 2011!

It looks sooooooo long.......

8 Sept 2010

Running faster and faster!!

This evening I tested my Nike+ Sportband for the first time.

I ran 8km in 45 minutes!! That puts me at 10km under 1 hour. My sportband was still in miles so I didn't know how fast I was running. If I'd have know I would have carried on and tried for 10km under the hour mark!

Great evening for running though. The sun was shining, I wasn't hot or cold, and it wasn't too windy :)

Nike+ SportBand 2

At last my Nike+ Sportband 2 has arrived from England!!

I bought it from there because it's half the price of the ones in Denmark. I got it from http://www.wiggle.co.uk/. They post to Denmark without postage costs if you buy for 500kr or more.

I had been using my mobile with a running application on it to measure my runs but I always worry about it falling out of my pocket.

I also bought a pair of socks and a water bottle belt as I'll need water once I start running longer distances.

I'm going out for a run this evening and am looking forward to using the sportsband :)