30 Jan 2013

I LOVE My Brooks Trainers!

After running in my Brooks around 15 times now I feel like I'm ready to talk about them.

These are the best trainers I have found yet!!!

My Nike Lunarglides hurt my toes, my knees, and my arches. They had to go and I was so unhappy that I didn't want to use Nikes ever again!

My Asics Nimbus 12's were good and I have to admit I was a little scared to change brands but no matter what size I bought in them I'd still end up with squashed toenailess toes! (That doesn't look like a word to me but I think I've earned the right to use it).
A few American friends (and the Brooks guys at Berlin Marathon expo) suggested I try Brooks so that's what I did :-)

My Brooks Defyance 5 trainers are great! They are lightweight, have great support and  fantastic ventilation. My toes actually feel a little cold for the first few kilometres but this is only going to be a good thing for my toes (and toenails) once I start running the longer distances in them :-)
And the arch support for me is absolutely amazing!

From the very first run in these shoes I knew I was going to love them! My knees especially seem very happy about the change.

I know that Brooks are a sponsor of the Rock 'n' Roll Edinburgh half marathon so I'm planning on going over with a half empty suitcase and filling it up with Brooks goodies at the expo :-) And the free t-shirt? Yes it's a Brooks!

6 Jan 2013

My New Trainers are Brooks Defyance 5

I decided a couple of weeks ago that I wanted some new trainers as my old ones didn't seem as cushioned as they used too which isn't good for my knees. I wanted to change to Brooks and had already found out while at the Berlin marathon expo that Brooks Ghost would be best with Brooks defyance being a close second.

I'm a member of Løbeklubben on Facebook (running club on facebook) and because of this I found out about a great pre-sale yesterday at a sports shop in Copenhagen. I couldn't find any Brooks ghost trainers in my size but did manage to find some Defyance. I was a little sad as I really wanted the Ghost ones! This changed once I had tried on the Defyance as they are so cushioned and I could feel that these would be the trainers for me.

They are neutral trainers just like my Asics Nimbus 12's. I'm not a neutral runner but have found out why these type of trainers suit me best. Basically I have high arches (so high I actually have to lace my trainers a certain way for them to be comfortable) and I also overpronate. This is a very strange combination (kind of like me).  I've found out that the overpronation comes from either my legs, knees, or hips. The most common being due to instability in the muscles of the lower leg. It would seem that if I learn the chi-running method and land mid foot I can solve this problem and stop my heel striking at the same time which will be a great relief for my knees. I'm going to give it a go and see what happens. You never know maybe I'll become a faster runner! I can always dream :-)

Tomorrow my training for Rock 'n' Roll Edinburgh half marathon starts and I can't wait to take my new Brooks out for a spin :-)