20 Mar 2012

Running a Marathon in the Heat!

There has been a lot of talk about how hot it can be in Madrid when I run the marathon. After running the last hour or so of Valencia marathon under the hot sun, all this talk of heat is scaring me more than the hills are!

Instead of just hoping the weather will be ideal I have been checking out ways to survive running in the heat. Below are some ways to cope:-

1) CHECK THE WEATHER - Remember that many temperature broadcasts are for the shade.

2) MONITOR YOUR FLUIDS - In the days before the race, ensure you’re well hydrated by checking the color of your urine. Straw-coloured is ideal. If it’s darker, you’re not getting enough fluids, and if it’s clear, you’re probably drinking too much water.
Consume energy drinks right before and during the race. 

3) DRESS PROPERLY - Light-colored, loose clothing made from technical fabrics is best. 

4) SLOW DOWN - In a heat environment, blood is pushed away from the muscles as a cooling method. It’s harder for your muscles to get oxygen, so you have to adjust your pace. 

5) STAY COOL - The day before a race, you want to stay inside, stay in the shade, stay in the air-conditioning.

6) SEEK WIND AND WATER - Normally you hate wind, but on a hot day it helps with the cooling. Look for misting stations, soaking sponges and cups of water.

7) KNOW WHEN TO SAY WHEN - You will probably feel pain and fatigue; this is a marathon. But if you start experiencing dizziness, headaches, clammy skin, chills or goose bumps, stop at the nearest medical station.

The best bit of advise I have is from my friend Paul at 50-is-the-new-30. This advise is simply RUN IN THE SHADE WHENEVER POSSIBLE EVEN IF IT MEANS BEING AWAY FROM THE RUNNING LINE!

This advise is probably what helped me finish Valencia marathon :-)


  1. Good suggestions, although I love running in the heat! I hope it's stays cool the day of the RNR Madrid Marathon. As long as it doesn't rain, I am happy!

    1. I am so not used to running in the heat! Anything but heat is fine with me :-)

  2. Today it has snowed at night here in Madrid... The weather is crazy... However, the weather forecast for next week is again of high temperatures. So I agree, get used to run in the heat

  3. Snow would be good for me....I've done lots of my training in the snow and wind :-)

    As long as it's not too hot until 2pm on the 22nd then I'll be very happy!