28 May 2011

My Copenhagen Marathon Recovery Week!

This last week I have been recovering from the marathon. All in all I haven't felt too bad and most aches and pains went over quite quickly.

After the race on Sunday I was on a high and was so happy :-) I thought when I crossed the line I would say 'never again' because that is what I read most people say. I instead said ' YES! Where and when is my next marathon!'
I slept very well on Sunday night :-)

On Monday my calves were hurting very much. I massaged them with some muscle cream and this helped very much. I found that as long as I didn't sit down for long periods of time then I was ok. I didn't work today and didn't go up or down any stairs.
I have some blisters but nothing that hurts. My second toe on my right foot will probably lose it's nail but I was already prepared for this as it got a bit squashed when I was wearing my Nikes. My Asics give me no such problems.

On Tuesday my calves, thighs and arm muscles were hurting. I did the muscle massage with cream again. I walked very slow and strange and had big problems going up and especially coming down stairs.

On Wednesday the aches were pretty much gone and as long as I didn't walk too much there was no problems. It still hurt to go downstairs.

On Thursday it was the same as Wednesday.

On Friday I was fully recovered and longing to go out for a run but as my husband is away and I've been working or looking after my boys I haven't been able to get out for a one. My husband is back Sunday evening so hopefully I can get out for a run then :-)

By the way, my toenail is still hanging on and might survive if I'm lucky :-)

I am going to carry on blogging and find a way that I can attach this blog onto my new one if it's possible. My new blog will be about my second marathon and my education for becoming a running coach!

I have decided to become a running coach to turn my hobby into a business, so I can be my own boss which is something I have always dreamt of, and also to help my own children and, maybe others, enjoy running as much as I do :-)

23 May 2011

My Experience of Copenhagen Marathon!!

I finished Copenhagen Marathon in 4 hours, 43 minutes and 33 seconds!!!

First I want to say that I had a fantastic first marathon!! I enjoyed it very much and would gladly repeat the experience again :-)

I arrived at the start area at 8.50am on the morning of Sunday 22nd May 2011. The atmosphere was already charged with nervous energy.

After a quick trip to a friends home to borrow the toilet, (the queues for the ones in the start area were REALLY long), I found the 4:30 pacesetters and lined up with them.

The weather seemed to be a bit of everything. There was sun, rain, clouds and wind but it was actually quite pleasant to run in :-)

At 9.30am the first runners set off on their marathon. I, on the other hand, still had a 15 minute wait to pass the start line. As usual the pacesetters went off way to fast so I decided to ignore them and run my own pace of around 6:20.

When I reached Rådhuspladsen (the town hall) at 2k Lena from Running Copenhagen Sightseeing Tours was there to cheer me on with some others and also the Running Copenhagen car. I was running in one of their BRIGHT orange T-shirts so it was easy to spot me :-)

I then headed off towards Nørreport and Østerport train stations and then on into Østerbro itself. After this I was running in Nørrebro where there were some fantastic people cheering us all on :-)

Then it was back into the city and up towards Enghave. Around 12 it started raining but didn't last long so it just cooled me down a bit. I did have to take my name off my top though as the ink had started to run and was going everywhere.

Once at Enghave I had run 20k and was still going strong and trying to keep my pace somewhere around 6:30.

At the drinking stations I was either having one energy gel with some water and one energy drink, or just having an energy drink. I took a lot of my gels in the first part of the race because I knew it was important to take them before you get into trouble.

At 23k we started doing my favourite bit of the course which I have trained alot. This was from Fisketorvet, through Nyhavn and all the way along the water front to Kastellet.

At Amelienborg Slot, which was 26.5k into the marathon, my wonderful husband and my two boys were waiting for me :-)
My husband said I looked so fresh compared to many other runners that had come past them!
I then gave them all a kiss and carried on my way!

After the 28k point I found I had to concentrate more on my running and breathing. I decided to use a strategy that I had read about in my training book.

This I started to use at 30k. I told myself that I was now starting a 10k race! I knew if I could get to 40k where my 8 year old son was waiting to 'run me in' then I would finish no problem. So the next two water stops were at ca. 3.6k and 8.2k in my mind and my son was at the finish line that just happened to say 40k on it :-)

This worked SO well and I am in no doubt that using this idea made the final 12k so much easier for me.

At 40k my son joined me and we had a gentle run up to just past the 42k mark. Here a VERY mean official told me that my son wasn't allowed to cross the line with me even though it was only 100 metres away! Not impressed!!

Anyway my son stood over by the side and, because I wanted to get back to him as quick as I could, I sprinted the last 100 metres as fast as I possibly could :-)
I must have looked very strange!
I got my medal, went back to my son and we spent the next half hour eating and drinking.

What happens now this project is finished? I'm, of course, already deciding which marathon to run next!!!

22 May 2011

My Copenhagen Marathon 2011 Results!!

I finished Copenhagen Marathon in 4 hours, 43 minutes and 33 seconds!!

I am really happy with that time :-)

The race went really well and was easier than I thought it would be.

I'll do a full write up on the marathon tomorrow as I'm still recoveing right now :-)

21 May 2011

The Night Before Copenhagen Marathon 2011!

Twas the night before Copenhagen Marathon and all was quiet in the house of Lynne :-)

All day she had been lying on the sofa, resting her feet and eating pasta. Everytime she stood up she would have a little glass of water so as not to be dehydrated for the long run in the morning.

Lynne had packed her energy gels, pain killers, extra contacts, tissues and a spare hairband in her gel belt pouch. She had packed a bag for her husband for after the marathon containing her camera, jeans and her Copenhagen Marathon T-shirt.

Her luminous orange t-shirt, bright pink trainers, shorts, socks, watch, race number, pace band and chip were all in a pile in the bedroom so as not to be forgotten. Her phone was on charge with two alarms set, sun tan lotion was waiting on the side, and she had arranged to stop by a friends house, who lived right by the start, for her toilet trip in the morning.

Lynne looked up from typing her night before Copenhagen Marathon blog post and noticed that it was nearly 9:30 in the evening.

'Only 12 more hours to go until the start of my very first marathon,' she thought to herself. 'Will I make it to the finish?' The answer was 'YES I WILL!!!' And so will you too :-)

It doesn't matter if it's your first or your number one hundred marathon, it's still going to be a fantastic day!!


Conflicting Reports for Copenhagen Marathon Weather!

The weather men just can't seem to make up their minds :-(

If you look at the photo below you can see that they are now predicting a little rain at 9am

If you click on this link http://vejret.tv2.dk/vejr/id-2618425:koebenhavn.html?ss#w-48h you can see no rain until around 3pm.

Maybe the weather people just put their hands into a little bowl full of different weather signs like the sun, rain, clouds etc. and whatever they pull out is what is predicted as the weather :-)

20 May 2011

Copenhagen Marathon Weather is Looking Better!!

The rain has gone, the temperature has dropped, and the wind has stayed the same :-)

Getting Ready for Copenhagen Marathon 2011!

I have been running a little the last few days but only a couple of 5k runs.

I'm starting to get pretty nervous now! It's only 2 days until Copenhagen Marathon :-)

I have got my race pace sorted, energy gels sorted, cheerleaders sorted, drinks and food sorted, and am already aware of what will be the 'boring' part of the course.

I have run almost the whole course in pieces during all my training so know what to expect. There is no doubt that the best part of the course is between 23k and 28k. This is a fantastic run all the way along the front of Copenhagen harbour :-)
I have run this route many times and love doing it! Also my husband and sons will be on this part of the course cheering me on!

I can't wait until Sunday :-)

17 May 2011

5 days until Copenhagen Marathon and the Weather Looks Bad!

Well I did say that the predictions change quickly. Here's the one for 5 days before Copenhagen Marathon.

It looks like rain :-(

16 May 2011

6 Days until Copenhagen Marathon Weather Prediction

This is what they are saying the weather will be for Sunday. Danish weather predictions change very quickly so I've decided to post this everyday until the marathon :-)

15 May 2011

Only One More Week until Copenhagen Marathon!

What am I feeling now?


If you have any other emotions let me know. It could get interesting :-)

Today I ran nearly 11k and as there was a cold wind I put on my winter stuff. I was SO hot!!

I'm oviously just running the marathon in shorts and a T-Shirt.

This time next week it will all be over.....

12 May 2011

6.5k and Night Running Tours

On Tuesday evening at 9pm me and Lena from Running Copenhagen ran a night tour around Copenhagen :-)

It was just to test the route and work out what sights should be included in the tour. (I also used it as a little training).

We learnt a few things about what would work and what wouldn't!

For example, 9pm is too early so we would probably start from 9.30pm. Also a couple of bits of the route weren't working so well so this has been changed.

I'm planning to run the new route on Sunday (again as part of my training) and see how it goes this time.

With a bit of luck the Copenhagen Night Runs from Running Copenhagen will be up and 'running' by June!

I'll keep you updated :-)

11 May 2011

Copenhagen Marathon 2011 Drinking Stations and Toilets!

Some information regarding the drinking stations, toilets and where to find fruit during Copenhagen Marathon 2011.

Drinking stations

You will pass drinking stations 9 times during Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon.
4,8 km -  Kristianiagade (Water, Powerade energy drink, oranges and bananas)

8,5 km -  Frederik V’s vej (Water and Powerade energy drink)

13,0 km -  Nørregade (Water, Powerade energy drink, oranges and bananas)

17,3 km -  Carsten Niebuhrs Gade (Water and Powerade energy drink)

21,5 km -  Sønder Boulevard (Water, Powerade energy drink, oranges and bananas)

26,1 km -  Sankt Annæ Plads (Water and Powerade energy drink)

29,2 km -  Kristianiagade (Water, Powerade energy drink, oranges and bananas)

33,7 km -  Frederik V’s vej (Water and Powerade energy drink)

38,4 km -  Nørregade (Water, Powerade energy drink, oranges and bananas)

The order is the same for all drinking stations:

Toilets –> shower (cold water) –> private fluid* –> water –> Powerade energy drink –> fruits –> first aid and vaseline.

*private fluid is only for men running sub 3:00 and women running sub 3:30.

If you are anything like me, you need to know where the toilets are when you are running longer distances :-)

8 May 2011

That's Another 17.5k Towards Copenhagen Marathon!

I went out for a 15k run this morning. The weather was beautiful :-) Not too hot but not too cold. It was still a little windy but not as bad as it has been!

I ran from Amager over Langebro, through Christiansborg Slot, into Nyhavn and then all the way along the water up to The Little Mermaid again. I was there at 9.15am and it looked like a cruise ship had just arrived as there were tourists everywhere!

I then ran back towards the city and past my favourite fountain in Copenhagen which is in the photos below.

I then ran past the queens palaces, back past Nyhavn, across Kongens Nytorv and all the way down the walking street to Rådhuspladsen. From there I ran to Islands Brygge and home again.

In all I ran a little over 17.5k which was over 2.5k over my target so I'm very happy with that.

This time in 2 weeks I'll be running Copenhagen Marathon 2011 :-)

5 May 2011


I just want to apologise for my blog posts over the last few days!
They have mostly been short with no photos.

This is because there is no working computer in my house right now :-(

My one died a month again and now my husbands one is dead too.

There is a new one arriving within the next day or two so then I should be back to blogging as normal.

Anything would be better than to keep using the tiny little screen on my Xperia Mini.
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A Nice 10k Run

I had a really good run yesterday evening :-)

It was only 10k but it was really nice to just run along listening to music!

I stayed in villa areas as much as possible because it is getting windy over here again.

The wind is what I dread most for the weather on marathon day :-(
I would prefer it to rain than to have to run in the horrible danish wind!

17 days to go...
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4 May 2011

Radio Interview

I haven't forgotten that I said I'd give a write up of my radio interview.

I'm still waiting for the sound file of the interview but will put it on here as soon as I can.

The interview actally went really well. I was asked about Copenhagen Marathon, why I was running for Help for Heroes, and how people could support me.

The interview lasted around 5 minutes or so.

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3 May 2011

My Last Long Pre-Marathon Run

On Sunday I had my last long pre-marathon run!

It was a little over a half marathon and was the easiest run I have ever had!

I ran with Jeppe my friend Lisa's husband. It was really good to have company and made the running much less hard. He was happy to run at my slow pace because he hasn't done much training over the last few weeks. Jeppe is also running Copenhagen Marathon for the first time.

We ran from his apartment into the city, through Nyhavn, up to the little mermaid, back through the main shopping area, along the water front opposite Islands Brygge and then the last stretch home.

Our average pace was 6.19 per km which suited me perfectly as I'm going to try for a 6.24 marathon pace which then would give me a finish time of four and a half hours :-)

We stopped every 5k for a drink and an energy gel which seems to work for me and is how I intend to run my marathon.

I woke up the next day minus my usual muscle pains. I had no blisters. I actually felt like I could of carried on running for longer. This has made me believe that, yes, I really can finish that marathon!

Only 19 days to go until the Big Day :-)
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2 May 2011

Sight Running Tour with Running Copenhagen

Last Friday I was invited on a running tour of Copenhagen with Lena from http://www.running-copenhagen.dk/

This is because I am going to become a running sight seeing guide for Running Copenhagen!

I met Lena at the town hall square at 10am and started on a very interesting and talkative running tour :-)

We ran up to Christiansborg which is the parliament building. Then we ran down by Nyhavn and along the water front, past the queens palaces and all the way up to the little mermaid.
Then through one park, over a road and into Kongens Have (the kings gardens). This is a large public park which is a great place for a picnic on a warm day :-) This park is also where Rosenborg Slot (castle) is situated.

The last part of the run takes us by The Round Tower which you can go to the top of and get a great view of Copenhagen. Then we ran past the university and down to Gammel Torv/Nytorv (the old and new squares). And finally past the court house and back to the town hall square.

All the while we are running Lena is telling me about the history of the city, some good places to eat and drink, and also some funny and interesting little stories :-)

We stop at the main sites for photos and to hear more about them.

The tour lasts around one and a half hours, is about 8 kilometres and only costs 150kr.

I enjoyed this sight seeing experience very much and highly recommend it if you visit Copenhagen.

You never know, maybe I will be your guide :-)
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