25 Feb 2011

Stair Running!

It has been so cold, icy, snowy, and windy this week that I really didn't have any motivation to run. (I always hate the end of February in Denmark).

Anyway I have still been busy training :-)

What I have been doing is some running up and down the stairs anywhere and everywhere. In my apartment building, at the metro, at work etc etc.
When I started doing this it was so hard running up the stairs but it has got easier and easier and I've started enjoying doing something a little different :-)

Have a great weekend!

20 Feb 2011

15.8k in Minus 5 Degrees and Sunshine! Fantastic Run!!

I had a great run this morning!!

It was minus 5 degrees outside but the sun was shining which always makes me happy :-) Also the horrible wind had died down to almost nothing!

I didn't actually wake up until 10.15 so by the time I'd had breakfast, coffee and let my food go down a bit it was 11.30 when I got out the door.

I am fed up with running my normal routes and wanted to do something different. I knew that down the end of Kongelundsvej in Vestamager there was a wood called Kongelunden where you could then run down to the sea so I decided this was where I was heading today.

I couldn't be bothered to run down to Vestamager Metro Station as it's quite a boring run so I got the metro there and then started my run.

I ran into Vestamager Nature Area and just ran straight down the path until I was about three quarters of the way down, then I crossed a bridge over a canal and followed the canal all the way down to a villa area. From there I ran up to Kongelundsvej and then followed it down to the wood Kongelunden.

I ran all the way through the woods with low flying airplanes coming over my head (this is pretty cool to watch as they really are very low) and then came out by the sea! I stopped for a minute to pick up some shells for my boys and then started on the journey back.
It was about 8k to the sea and I had thought it would only be around 5k. Well it certainly seems much quicker in a car :-)

I got a little lost on my way back (what's new?) and took a more direct route back to Vestamager station so I ended up running 15.8k all together.

I can't wait to do the same run when it's warmer in Spring :-)

16 Feb 2011

5k In Extreme Wind and Cold!

I was feeling better today and really wanted to get out and run again!

It was minus 2 feeling like minus 15 with the wind chill :-(

I couldn't run at my normal pace and ended up running around 6:23 per kilometre.
Now I have a headache and am snuggled up under a duvet!

Don't feel up to writing more just now.....

13 Feb 2011

Copenhagen Marathon Route, Accommodation, and Other Information

As we are only 97 days away from Copenhagen Marathon 2011 I thought it was time to update my blog with some of the details about the day :-)

Copenhagen Marathon 2011 Route and Water Deposits

Copenhagen Accommodation (best to book as far in advance as possible)

- Stay in walking distance to start and finish. As a guest at the DANHOSTEL Copenhagen City you have access to your room after the run to have a shower and you can leave your luggage during the run.

- Cabinn offers good, cheap accommodations and have a selection of four hotels in the Copenhagen Area. If you are participating in Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon, you can book your room at a special discount price. To get the discounted price you will be required to present your race number and the code 2509

- “Sleep in quiet surroundings and wake up well rested for the challenge of your life. When you stay at one of DGI-Byens hotels you can walk back to your room to have a shower and rest until 17:00. Or you can recover your legs in the Swim Center spa or in the steam bath and sauna


- Scandic is the official hotel partner and offers a range of hotels in the city center close to the starting area.
“Scandic is a modern hotel chain where conscious people come for inspiration and renewed energy. With around 150 hotels and 30,000 rooms, we are already one of the largest hotel companies in Europe. And Scandic are continuing to grow – within a few years, there will be over 200 Scandics to choose from."

Start & Finish

Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon is once again using the area just by Langebro at Islands Brygge as both start and finish area.

The area along the water front allows Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon to accomodate larger groups of runners and spectators better giving the race a great start when the runners cross Langebro and continue into the city center.

Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon gives you:

- Three days of Sports Expo before the run

- Timing recorded through a chip

- A traffic-free 42,195 km course for marathon runners only

- Pace setters to ensure a steady pace throughout the run

- Hydration stations every 4,5 km offering water and energy drink. Four stations will also serve fresh fruits

- Medical Aid Stations and toilets positioned along the route

- Music and other entertainment along the route

- Photos will be taken by photographers from Marathon Photos, who will be stationed throughout the course

- Showers will be available at the finish area

- A plastic blanket, hot chocolate, rolls, yoghurt and fresh fruits in the finish area

- A medal and a Nykredit Copenhagen Marathon t-shirt – to show you were there!

For more information, to read about the Sports Expo, and to sign up for Copenhagen Marathon 2011 please visit:-


Bad Cold = No Running :-(

I've been feeling a cold coming on for a couple of days now but was still planning to have my run today!
It's the halfterm holiday and my son is home this week so it's going to be hard to fit in a long run during the week.

So it REALLY sucks that I woke up with a splitting headache and sore throat this morning :-(
I thought it would be a good idea not to run today. Now I'm 16k down!

I can fit in a run on Tuesday and Wednesday after work so am hoping that my husband will pick up our youngest from nursery one of the days so I can have a long run :-)

I can't be ill now I've got marathon training to do!

10 Feb 2011

Very Windy 10k Run!

I had a free day today so took my youngest to nursery and then had a 10.5k run!

I run along some different paths over the Vestamager Nature Area.

To say it was very windy is an understatement!! It was so hard to run and I kept being blown sideways but I was determined to run my 10k :-)

It was really nice running there with my music on and just watching airplanes taking off and looking at all the nature.

I will run there again soon but choose a less windy day next time!

6 Feb 2011

New 10k Time!!

See my run at http://go.nike.com/a4trjju

Today I ran the first of the Nike Marathon Tests :-) It was 10k.

I beat my old 10k time by 6 seconds!! My new PB for 10k is 54 miuntes and 45 seconds.
My old 10k time I got in October in perfect running conditions. Today was cold and windy at times so I confident I can improve more when it's springtime.

The race was a 10k route around Østerbro and a little bit in Fælledparken.

I started by running with the 5:40 group but they took off a little too fast for me and by 3k I was trailing way behind them but still infront of the 5:50 group. At 5.5k there was the water depot so I stopped for a couple of seconds and had some Powerade. As usual this gave me the boost I needed :-)

I started speeding up slowly from this point and by the 8k mark I was running between 5:18 and 5:20. At 9k I had caught up with the pacesetters for the 5:40 group and by 9.5k I was ahead of them. With 300 metres to go I started sprinting as normal. I was very tired when I crossed the line!

It was a great race and I'm now looking forward to running the 15k in March :-)

4 Feb 2011

Not Much Running This Week!!

I've been neglecting my blog a little this week :-(

This is because I've started a new job in a shop that is opening this weekend so have been working long hours helping to get it ready for the grand opening day.

I didn't run on Monday as my muscles and foot were aching after my 20km run on Sunday so I decided to let them rest!

The next time I had a chance to run was yesterday evening. I didn't have long so ran 1.5km as quick as I could :-)

I'm looking forward to running 10km on Sunday in the Nike Marathon Test!!