29 Dec 2010

No Runs For a While!

I haven't been out for a run over the Christmas period.

I guess I'm a little lazy and figured as I'm running a half marathon on New Years Eve that it was ok to miss a couple of runs :-)

Two more days and I will have runned an official half marathon! I can't wait :-)

19 Dec 2010

Great Runs in the Snow :-)

It's really snowy and cold in Copenhagen right now but that's not going to stop me running!

I ran 6km on Friday and 7.5km today!

I'm really looking forward to running a half marathon in the Social Marathon on New Years Eve :-)

13 Dec 2010

Back Again!!

I've been away for a while in England and couldn't fit my running stuff in my suitcase this time :-(

I've had a little run since I've been back. Just 3km in minus 3 degrees with the wind blowing into my face!

How am I going to manage to run a half marathon on New Years Eve?