13 Apr 2014

Barcelona Marathon 2015 Goal!

I was watching the London marathon today and got very inspired by it. Well done Mo Farah! I think an 8th place in your first marathon is fantastic :-)

I have already decided to run Barcelona marathon again next year as I know that I could have got a new personal best this time if I didn't keep holding myself back to save myself for Rome.

My goal for Barcelona marathon 2015 is to try for an 'under 4 hour' marathon time!! I'm sure if I stop talking so much while running I can save at least 10 minutes and if I cut out some toilet stops that's another 10 odd minutes.

When I got my personal best in Berlin marathon 2012 I hadn't trained nearly as well as I had for Barcelona. I know that with the right training I can do this!! I have bought a book called 'Hansons Marathon Method: A Renegade Path to your Fastest Marathon'.
Many of the reviewers of this book say that they have run over 30 minutes faster which is exactly what I need to do. I'll also, of course, do all the things exactly the same that I did before and during Barcelona marathon this year such as wearing CEP calf sleeves, eating properly in the week before, and running with my hydration pack.

I am very excited about this new challenge :-)