28 Jul 2010

Best 5km Time Yet!

July 28th 2010-I've just ran 5km again! I know, I should have waited a few days more before I tried again! I just really wanted to beat my time.

This time I had dinner 1 hour before I ran. After 500 metres I was already having trouble with my breathing. I pushed past this and tried to keep my pace at around 1km every 6 minutes.

I finished the 5km in 30 minutes and 43 seconds! An improvement of 2 minutes and 50 seconds on my first time :)

Still this run seemed so much harder than the first 5km. I've decided to try my next one before I eat dinner and see what happens then.

I will be waiting at least 4 days before I try a 5km again.

My First 5km! Soon I'll be ready for the Marathon!

July 26th 2010-I've just run my first ever 5km!! With a time of 33 minutes and 33 seconds!

I had no pain at all and actually kept going for another 600 metres until I was home.

The first 3km seemed very easy. I had 3 chocolate chip buns 3 hours before I ran and didn't eat anything else until afterwards. I wonder if that's why it was easy?

The beginning of my Marathon Training!

I've always wanted to run a marathon! Why? Most probably because I like pain and blisters! More likely because I want to challenge myself.

I used to run the 800m and 1500m at high school and really enjoyed it. As I got older my knees would hurt when I ran so I stopped.

In a fiction book I read a few months again, (I can't remember which one right now but I will find out), there was a character that had made a list of things to do before he was 50. I thought this was a good idea so started a list of my own. At the very top is : Run a marathon.

So I thought why not see if I really can. I went to a sports shop and got some advise on my knees and bought some good supports. I already had trainers from a failed renewed attempt at running 5 years ago. I already had some Nike cropped trousers and a Nike running top which I use for Body Combat. I downloaded a running programme to my phone from Android and was ready to begin :)

I hope you enjoy following with me as I train for and eventually run Copenhagen Marathon on May 22nd 2011!