29 Mar 2013

Running in the Danish Nature!

9am this morning my friend Felicity picked me up from my house and we drove north out of the city to a great nature area called Dyrehaven (the animal garden) to have a morning run :-)

This whole area is a beautiful forest!

Me before the run

Felicity before the run

Entrance to Dyrehaven

A spot of trail running :-)

Some residents of Dyrehaven

Some baby deer

And it just keeps on snowing

We found a tree den

The entrance to Bakken! A theme park in a forest

Bakken is the oldest theme park in the world!

A London bus cafe

Not quite an nice as the Tapas Bars in Madrid

Felicity after the run

Me and my very cold hands after the run

Our rewards :-)

26 Mar 2013

24 Mar 2013

Nothing for a Month!

I just realised that I haven't written here for a whole month!!

The truth is that there hasn't really been anything to write about :-( I've been ill so my training for Edinburgh came to a standstill.

I have already started checking out the weather for Rock 'n' Roll Edinburgh half marathon which is only 3 weeks away now. I couldn't help myself! It says it will be 10 degrees with a little rain.
I certainly hope it's not going to be any colder than that.

I am really looking forward to Edinburgh. The big difference this time is that I am truly on my own! I am going by myself, I know no one there, and am not meeting with anyone...