28 Apr 2011

Radio Interview about Running Copenhagen Marathon for Help for Heroes


I have been contacted by a man from the British Forces Broadcasting Service asking if I will do an interview on the radio. He wants me to do this because I am raising money for Help for Heroes while running Copenhagen Marathon

It's on Monday 2nd May at 9.30 am British time. If you want to listen along then please visit www.bfbs.com/radio

If you want to help me support Help for Heroes then please visit http://www.bmycharity.com/copenhagenmarathon2011

I'll do a full write up afterwards.

I admit I'm a little nervous......

26 Apr 2011

Great 27k Run in the Countryside

Me after 21k

I have been over the other side of Denmark in Jutland for Easter and thought this would be a great place to get in one of my long pre-marathon runs :-)

There is an old railway line which runs from Horsons until Silkeborg and is around 52k long. We were staying around 1k from a part of this so it made sense to run some of it.

The path is now a nature trail and is very beautiful to run on. A 5k part of it has been preserved and still has an old train running up and down on it.

My family took this train from the one station to the next and back again and meet up with me during my run. This part of the trail is through a wood and I find this so much harder to run on. I actually prefer to run on roads!

I managed 27k which I thought was pretty good as I was carrying water and it was about 24 degrees and very sunny.

Below are some photos of the nature area where I was running :-)

17 Apr 2011

Nike Marathontest 3

And so today I ran the last of the Nike marathontests. This was a half marathon.

Copenhagen Lakes

I had forgotten to buy energy gels so only had one to take with me :-(
I had an energy drink before I left home which perked me up a bit
It was cloudy and a little windy while we were waiting to go and then the sun come out and I knew I was going to have a great race :-)

I wasn't really aiming for a time to finish in. I just wanted to be done before 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The run started off great and there were a lot of  drinking stations which had water and Powerade Energy drink. I, of course, had the energy drinks :-)

The course was really good as it went round the lakes. These are beautiful to run around especially with the sun shining and swans swimming on them.

I started having trouble around the 16k mark and then just concentrated on running from drinking station to drinking station. This worked well as the kilometers started flying past!

When I turned the last corner and saw the goal in sight I 'opened up the throttle' and sprinted over the line!!

My official time was 2 hours and 13 minutes. My watch said I'd run an extra 1k over the half marathon distance and that my half marathon time was 2 hours and 8 minutes so that's the one I'll go by :-)

All in all a great race. Bring on Copenhagen Marathon!!

16 Apr 2011

Another Run in the Sun!

I had another run in the sun yesterday morning :-)

What a difference it makes when the sun is shining! I only ran around 7k as I have the half marathon Nike marathontest 3 tomorrow.

Springtime is here at last!!!

11 Apr 2011

Some Great Runs in the Sun!

It's actually been warm and sunny the last few days so I have had a couple of runs :-)

Nothing major just a 7k  and a 10k.

It was just so nice to be running in the sun again!

I have the Nike Marathontest 3 on Sunday which is a half marathon this time. I can't wait for it!

7 Apr 2011

I Ran 13.5km For Japan!!

Today was my Run for Japan event!

I ran 13.5km and so have raised a minimum of 140kr for the people of Japan!

You can also donate money without even having to run at www.runforjapan.com

I wasn't expecting anyone else to turn up as it was so VERY windy!!

I got ready and put on my new Asics Nimbus 12 trainers (remember the pink ones).

I got the metro down to where the meeting place was and waited for 5 minutes. No one else showed so I started my run alone. This was fine by me as then I could run where I liked and at what speed I liked :-)

For the first 4km I was running into the wind and it was really hard going :-( I was heading down to run along the beach path and was expecting a very strong head wind there.
I was pleasantly surprised as when I got there the wind was behind me all the way so I had a great run along the beach :-)

The 5km back home from the beach, on the other hand, was terrible!!!

I was running into the wind all the way :-(
I kept telling myself that I was doing this for the people of Japan that have lost loved ones, homes, and everything! This helped to keep me going.

I have decided to get my husband to sponsor me for Copenhagen Marathon and give 10kr a km to Run to Japan.

One last thing, my new trainers are GREAT!!! No blisters, no knee problems, no hurting toe nails!


6 Apr 2011

New Trainers Asics Nimbus 12 in Pink

I have just bought some new trainers as my Nikes are a little worn out now.

I figured it was best to buy some new trainers a while before Copenhagen Marathon so I can wear them in.

I choose the Asic Nimbus 12 (in pink) because I have strange feet! I have high arches but over pronate! I always knew this but let a specilist tell me this time :-) I tried on some trainers and liked the Nimbus 12 but couldn't afford the 1500kr for them. (and they weren't pink).

I found them on the internet for 989kr so bought them straight away!!!

I can't wait for my run tomorrow evening to try them out :-)

At Last Fit and Healthy Again :-)

I never ran the run on Sunday to raise money for childrens cancer :-( I had already paid though so my money will still be donated :-)

Instead I spent the morning sitting in a waiting room at the hospital as I had been having trouble breathing (will these colds never end).

The doctor checked my lungs, chest and breathing.

Anyway I was told that I have an 'upper airway infection' and they normally last around 2 weeks. As I had already had it for 10 days I was told to wait until Thursday until I start running again and if I'm still ill to go to my own doctor.

I hadn't managed to go to my doctor before as my youngest son had to have an operation so I didn't have time to think about myself.

It's Wednesday morning and I am feeling great!!! Almost back to my old self :-)

This is great news as I have organised a little run to raise money for Japan tomorrow evening!!!