28 Mar 2011

Run in England

I am visiting my brother and his family in England right now and, of course, packed my running gear.

I woke up just before 7am this morning so had a hard little run.

I still have a bad throat but decided to just ignore it for a while so I ran down to a river and along it, turned around and then ran up hill for about 2km to go past the house where I grew up (my parents have long since moved).

Then I ran back for some breakfast :-)

Sorry Blog for Neglecting You!!

I've been neglecting my blog very much lately as I haven't had any long runs :-(

My marathon training has pretty much come to a stand still as I am getting cold after cold after cold!!
Now I have a throat ulcer and a bad cough and it hurts to breathe so it's really hard to run :-(

I have tried to get out at least twice a week and run around 5km but this is no way helping me for the longer distances.

I really hope that my immune system kicks in very soon.......

17 Mar 2011

Run for Japan

After watching and reading about the earthquakes, tsuami, radiation problems, death and destruction in Japan I wanted to help.

I came across a website http://www.runforjapan.com/

For every mile or kilometre you run you donate some money. I'm running my next long run to help the people of Japan.

I am a member of a running club and am also setting up an event in April to try and raise even more money.

My blogging running friend Paul over at over at 50 is the new 30 blog has written a post about Japan. Read it here http://50-is-the-new-30.blogspot.com/

14 Mar 2011

Løb MOD Kræft FOR Sundhed (Run Against Cancer For health)

I have just signed up to run what I think is a great run and for a fantastic cause!!

It is a 3 km course around the Utterslev Mose and costs 50kr to enter. Then everytime you go around again it costs another 10kr.

All the money goes to charity. Have a look at http://www.sporti.dk/event/activity.php?id=589 to find out more.

I'm signed up to run 24km!!

Nike Marathon Test 2

I ran the Nike Marathon Test 2 yesterday which is 15k!

I had a great run even though I was still ill with a bad cold and could hardly talk :-)

It was harder to run though because it hurt to breath but I was still very happy with my time of 1 hour and 28 minutes. The last official 15k I ran was in 1 hour and 24 minutes so with not much training the last two weeks and being ill I was only four minutes slower!

The course was round the Østerbro area and through Fælledparken. It was quite nice weather as there was hardly any wind and it was raining just a little bit.

I'm really looking forward to running the Nike Marathon Test 3 in April which is a half marathon :-)

10 Mar 2011

A Little Run.....

And so I got out and ran a little today :-)

My throat is still hurting so I decided to just run 5km and figured that was better than nothing at all!

I ran around the Amagerfælled and then home again. I have no idea of what pace I had or how long I took as I forgot my watch.

It was so windy and cold I probably wouldn't want to know the pace anyway ;-)

5 Mar 2011


Just a quick update!

I haven't done much running this week just 1 or 2 kilometres here and there. This is because I've come down with a really bad cold which I hope will be gone completely by Monday.

I have the whole of next week off work so hope to train at least 4 of the 5 days with one really long run in the middle of the week. (I'm going to try for a 25k)!!

I'm looking forward to running the Nike Marathon test 2 next Sunday which is 15k this time :-)

Have a great weekend!