22 Feb 2013

Adidas Boost Ambassador!

I have been chosen by a danish sports store called Kaiser Sport to become an ambassador for the new Adidas Boost trainers!! How cool is that? I get to run around Copenhagen while promoting the new Boost trainers and wearing Boost training clothes :-)

I'm very excited about trying these trainers as I love what I'm reading about them and was thinking about giving them a go anyway. Don't get me wrong, I am still loving my Brooks but I'm always open to seeing if there is something better out there! So when I read yesterday that Kaiser Sport were looking for 10 women and 10 men to be ambassadors for the new Adidas Boost trainers I wrote an application straightaway and they have chosen me :-)

As well as running in them I also have to write about what I think of them. So I'm kind of reviewing them too! I will hear more in March about what I will be doing.

Adidas Boost Teaser Video

This is going to be a fantastic experience and I can't wait to get started......

17 Feb 2013

Rock 'n' Roll Lisbon Half Marathon!

It's still cold, snowy and dull in Copenhagen so I've just been out doing my half marathon training sessions once a week and some hill training 2 times a week. Nothing is really happening here right now....

A while back I entered the Royal Parks London half marathon lottery as I didn't get a place in London marathon this year. I didn't get a place in the Royal Parks run either :-(

This has actually turned into good news because I am going to run Rock 'n' Roll Lisbon half marathon in October instead! Because I would have run two Rock 'n' Roll European runs I will get a special medal in Lisbon :-)

I will be running Rock 'n' Roll Nice 10 miles in 2014 if they still do the run that year and probably Rock 'n' Roll Dublin as well unless I do it this year ;-)