6 Mar 2012

Marathon Training is FUN!

I have no idea what is wrong with me but I'm really beginning to enjoy my Madrid training :-)

This is how my last week has been:-

29th February I ran a half marathon.
2nd March I did 30 minutes 10-20-30 training
4th march I did 20 minutes 10-20-30 training and then 20 minutes hill training
5th March I ran 16k
6th March I did 30 minutes hill training

I know I should rest tomorrow but I really don't want to! I will have to force myself to not do any training.

On Thursday I have a 10k run planned
On Friday I will do some more 10-20-30 training
On Saturday I will do 30 minutes hill training
On Sunday I will run around 18k
And on Monday I have a 7k run planned with a friend.

At this rate I will be the fittest I have ever been before a marathon :-)


  1. Ur training is looking good!

    Yes always hard to know how hard to push.
    But just like knowing when to back off, you need to push when you feel really good, no?


  2. I feel the same way. My coach told me last night I had to take 2 days off this week. No way! Keep it up! We only have 44 days to go. 3-4 weeks of hard work and then tapering.

    1. That's what I was thinking. Soon be tapering time anyway!
      I did rest today and very glad I did as the very cold wind has been blowing loads all day long.
      I'm looking forward to a 10k tomorrow :-)
      We are going to have so much fun in Madrid!!