1 May 2012

Gran Canaria Marathon Wins!

Gran Canaria Marathon wins over Valencia and I will be running it if I can get cheap flights down there.

This is because I don't have any accommodation costs as one of the most WONDERFUL people I have met in a long time has invited me to stay with them :-)

The price of registration looks like it goes up at the end of June so I have given myself until then to decide.....

Also I signed up yesterday for the London Marathon 2013 lottery. This is the 2nd year running! I don't like lotterys but have to try to get a spot if I can.

So we've got Berlin Sept. 2012 as a definate, Gran Canaria Jan. 2013 as an 80% chance, Barcelona March 2013 as a 95% chance (just have to convince Ciry), London April 2013 as a 50/50, Brisbane August 2013 as a 80%. I bet you thought I'd forgotten Brisbane (ok I actually had). And that will probably be it for 2013.

If I keep going like this I'll be getting so much closer to my 50 marathons, in 50 cities, before I'm 50 goal :-)
I'm already at 3! Only 47 to go in ___ years......Well I'm not telling you how 'young' I am!!


  1. Lynne great news!

    Here you have a friend for what you need

    1. Thank you so much!!

      Before each of my city marathons I always seem to be looking for someone to take me on a night out on the Friday. Feel free to show me Las Palmas evening sights if you like :-) (minus alcohol of course)

  2. Hi Lynne, I have come to you from Pancho´s blog but I have seen you often as "special guest" in other blogs such as Ciry´s. I also live in Gran Canaria. Most probably I will be running Valencia and then 2 months later Gran Canaria. It will be a good choice for a marathon in January. This is not a big marathon but the god weather is guaranteed. You may also spend a few days at the beach. Good luck with your choice.

    1. Thank you :-)

      Did you run Valencia last year? It was really great and it's there that my love of all things Spanish began. I hope to run many more of the Spanish marathons within the next few years :-)

      I have to say the beach part sounds very nice! In Denmark in January it's dark, windy and normally minus degrees so a few days in Gran Canaria sounds wonderful :-)

      And the fact that I can run there too is just PERFECT!!

  3. Hi Lynne,

    Same as Gonzalo, I found your blog through the Pancho’s one.
    The tittle of your post has made curios to read more about it.
    Im also from Gran Canaria, but Im living in Barcelona at the moment. I ran the GC marathon this year for first time and I’ll probably run it again the next year.
    So, hopefully we’ll see there with the big family of bloggers that live and run there passionately.

    Big hug and new fan of your blog

    1. Hi Jose.

      I'm planning on running Barcelona marathon next year. It a 95% definate right now :-)

      I've never been to Gran Canaria before so am really looking forward to the experience!

      In Madrid I meet many Spanish bloggers and look forward to meeting more in Gran Canaria.

      And yes, it would be great to meet you :-)

    2. I ran the Barcelona marathon this year as well and the circuit and the atmosphere is awesome.
      The GC one is very beautiful too, but I have to recognize that the second lap is a bit hard.
      However you get to run front of the beach twice :) and that is an extra bonus.

  4. Hi!

    We hope to see you in GC marathon, we are sure that you will love the place and the race.


  5. Hi Lynne,

    Coming from Pancho's blog too....GC Marathon will be my first and I'm excited about it....I'm sure you have made a great election and you'll have fun here...hope to see you soon...regards...