23 Mar 2012

One Month Until RnR Madrid Marathon

Only one month to go until madrid and I am so excited!

I really can't wait for this marathon and after all my hill training I'm not even that scared of the hills anymore :-)

Still afraid of the heat though!

Madrid weather seems weird. Last week it was 26 degrees and yet I have heard there was snow the other night. Packing for this trip is going to be a nightmare....

I found this great weather site where you can already see the weather in April! It doesn't go all the way to the 22nd yet but almost. I know it doesn't mean anything but I like what I'm seeing :-)
See the site here Madrid April Weather


  1. Looks like historically the weather should be ok, but of course you never know about the day itself 8/

    You need to build your shrine to the Marathon Gods! ;)

  2. Maybe I should make one out of Lego which looks like a cloud?

  3. Guessing the weather in Madrid is more difficult than winning the lotto!!

    I am glad you are not scared of the hills. This means you'll be able to help me out ;) OMG, I can't wait!

  4. This is the most accurate weather page in Spain.


    The problem is that there is only a seven days forecast.

    Although there are some hard hills, be afraid of the heat.

  5. I forget... good luck and welcome in advance

  6. Thank you for the link!

    I will definately be using it nearer the time...