24 Aug 2013

One Very Last Post.....

It has come to my attention that some people think that I will only be writing about travelling on my new blog. This is not true!

The blog is called Run Travels and I will be writing about all my running adventures in different countries and also some of the other experiences I stubble across while there :-)

So please come over and join me on my new blog at http://runtravels.blogspot.com/ . Just click on the 'join my site' button. I look forward to continue to share my adventures with you :-)

23 Aug 2013

My New Blog called Run Travels

I have a new blog now at www.runtravels.blogspot.com

I have been very bad at keeping this blog up to date lately :-(

This is mostly because I haven't been running too many races and the small 5k races just don't seem so interesting anymore.

I am, however, still very much into running and travelling at the same time! In January I will finish my IATA/UFTAA education and receive my diploma as an International Travel and Tourism Consultant :-)

My plan for next year is to then set up my own business selling and guiding some running holidays for small groups mostly in Scotland. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to start up a new blog that also concentrates on the travelling side of things. This will also be combined with running as much as possible.

I really hope you will still want to follow my running (and also my travelling) at my new blog at www.runtravels.blogspot.com