25 Sept 2012

Cool 3D Video Berlin Marathon 2012 Course

Ok I wasn't go to post today but this video is way too cool!

And for anyway wanting to know the Berlin marathon weather with only 5 days to go....

Partly sunny and still 15 degrees :-)

24 Sept 2012

Too Sick for Friløbet Run!

I forgot to write yesterday about the Friløbet run in Copenhagen. This was probably because I never ran it as I've been ill since Thursday evening :-(

What started as a little bit of an itchy throat turned into a full blown head cold and chesty cough by Friday. I decided not to run yesterday because I was scared that I would make myself worse and all I want to do is be well for next Sunday!

I have been feeling really sorry for myself and worried about how I will be for Berlin Marathon! I keep trying to think positive thoughts. I mean aren't I glad that I was ill this weekend and not next? It doesn't work because I just think why did I have to get ill at all?

I am taking loads of vitamin c and washing my hands every time I use public transport and am using anti bacterial wipes all the time. I am worried because I have hardly run within the last few weeks. First I had that mole removed (the results came back fine by the way), and then this cold.

The good news is I am feeling better today so I'm sure I'll be fine by the time I leave Copenhagen for Berlin on Thursday. I'm just hoping Latimer hasn't caught it!

Anyway I'll stop moaning now :-) The weather for Berlin marathon with 6 days to go is:-

15 degrees with clouds and sun! NO RAIN!

23 Sept 2012

Berlin Marathon in 7 days!!

I can't believe that this time in 7 days I will be proudly wearing my Berlin Marathon medal around my neck!!

It is so close now that all my nerves and emotions are beginning to kick in :-) I am so excited but also so scared of such a big marathon. He he not long to go now!

I arrive in Berlin on Thursday so have loads of time to explore. I've been there before but this time I have my older son with me so will be doing lots of kids stuff. 

Good news is I should have my own computer back within a week!!!! About time too! So I will have LOADS of photos for my Berlin write up :-)

Bad news is the weather is looking pretty bad right now :-( It says 15 degrees and RAIN. I don't care what the temperature is but I really don't want rain!!!

18 Sept 2012

Friløbet Tivoli Run on Sunday!

On Sunday I get to check out my form for Berlin!

My friends boyfriend was going to run a cool 10k race in Copenhagen called Friløbet. It's where you get to run inside Tivoli Gardens (amusement park with gardens). I ran it 2 years ago and loved it very much :-)

Anyway he can't run it so I now own his start number which says Martin on it! So I'll be a man for an hour ;-)

My plan is to go for my fastest 10k yet! I've improved so much on my 5k this year so I'm in with a chance!

You can read my blog post about the last time I ran this race at Friløbet 2010

15 Sept 2012

Berlin Marathon weather 15 days to go!

Just a quick post today :-)

I couldn't help myself and had to try and find out what weather is being predicted for Berlin Marathon. It is:-


11 Sept 2012

Berlin Tapering and Ouch!

First things first:- Only 20 Days until Berlin Marathon!!!

As usual things just don't seem to go as planned!

On Saturday I ran a 17k run with a pace of around 5:45. I was very happy with this :-)

On Sunday there was the Powerade Half Marathon in Copenhagen. I decided not to run for a few reasons. The main ones being that I need to pay for my race number for Valencia and didn't want to pay 300kr for a half marathon, I didn't want to risk my stomach playing up again because I'd already done a good run the day before, and Felicity was running it and I thought it should be her day not mine.

I have been instructing Felicity since last October when she could only run 2 minutes, then walk 2 minutes. Now she has finished a half marathon! I'm so proud of her!! She finished in a good time of 2 hours and 19 minutes :-)

Right back to my troubles this week....

I had an appointment yesterday with a skin doctor as I had noticed a couple of my moles were looking a little strange. She checked them out and everything was fine with them. All good so far...

She then checked all the moles on my body and found one on my shoulder blade that looked asymetrical so she removed it by punch biopsy and has sent it to be checked out!! I asked to see it afterwards and it was horrible! She had removed the mole and about 6mm of the skin layer below it!!

It's got stitches in it that will be removed on Friday 21st Sept. My problem is because of it being on my shoulder blade I can't really run until the stitches are removed. What am I supposed to do about my tapering?? I can bike so I'm thinking about just doing a lot of biking between now and Berlin. The doctor did give me the go ahead to run Berlin but I will have to have some tape over the scar.

I'm wondering if I should drop my idea of trying for a 4:15 marathon and just try to finish in under 4:30 instead? Grrrrrrrrrr...........

6 Sept 2012

Berlin, Valencia, and Gran Canaria Marathons!

First of all sorry there are no photos on this blogpost. I know how we all love to see them. My computer is still being repaired so I have no access to all my photos :-(

I had no idea what to call this blogpost as so much has happened and I have so much to share! I'll start with Berlin Marathon...

My training is going ok except.....I have had stomach pains for over 3 weeks but just kind of ignored them and cut back a little on my running. Last Saturday I thought it was time to have a long run so I did 25k with a 6:25ish pace. Early Sunday morning I woke up with a really sharp pain on my left side and extremely bad nausea so I went down to the ER on the Sunday. They didn't give me an ultrasund but I thought I needed one so I rang my doctor monday and had a scan. Nothing is wrong and it seems I just had a bacterial infection. So I'm now on antibiotics and am feeling the best I have for over a month.

So back to training for Berlin I think :-) I'm planning on a 17k this Saturday and next Saturday with a couple of smaller runs and some interval training inbetween. I do feel ready for Berlin and will be happy as long as my time is under 4:30:00!!

Now this is where my world gets complicated.....

As you know I have signed up for Gran Canaria marathon 2013. My good friend (lost long sister) Ciry from conquering26-2 was going to run Rome in 2013 and I was going to meet her there. I found out the other day that she will no longer be coming to Europe in 2013!! Ahhhh but I really want to see her again! I knew that she would be in Gran canaria in late November so started looking at my flights to Gran Canaria to see if I could change them.

As it happens because one of my flights down to Gran Canaria had been changed by the company and I hadn't accepted these changes I was entitled to a full refund :-) I decided to do this, then buy some flights to barcelona for November and from there take a train to Valencia and back a few days later. (it's actually cheaper than flying from Copenhagen to Valencia as there are no direct flights anyway).

You see Ciry will be in Valencia running the marathon on Sunday 18th November!! What does all this mean for me?

Basically as I am no longer going to Gran Canaria I will no longer be running the marathon there! I will try and transfer my entry to 2014 if I can.

On the other hand as I'm in Valencia to see Ciry I suppose it would make sense to run Valencia marathon together with her :-)

No times or anything just run and have fun!!