27 Oct 2010

7.5km run

I couldn't wait so long to run again so I taped up under my knee to support it (I have a proper under knee support coming in the post) and went for an evening run :)

I had a cup of coffee as I went out of the door to give me an energy boost which kicked in around the 3km mark.

I looked at my watch at 2.5km and couldn't believe I hadn't run further :( The next time I looked I guessed that I had run at least 3.5km and it actually said I'd run over 5km! I decided as my knee was fine I might as well keep on running until it got dark. As a female running alone I don't like to run in the dark.

In all I ran 7.5km which I am very happy about :) On friday I am planning on jumping on the metro and having a run in Frederiksberg Have!

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