22 Sept 2010

Energy Gel and 10km Times!

I went for a run this afternoon and decided to test out an energy gel as I would be running around 10km. I took it just as I was going out the door.

I didn't notice any difference until I had run 4km when all of a sudden I had more energy than I knew what to do with. And my energy level really did seem to change from one minute to the next. My pace time went from 5 minutes 40 seconds per km to 5 minutes 20 seconds.

I felt fantastic!!
The problem was that after I had run 10km I still had so much energy but didn't want to risk an injury by running more.
I will experiment with an energy gel again when I run Friløbet on Sunday but this time take it 20 minutes before I start running so it has time to kick in.
I ran my best 10km time yet of 56 minutes and 20 seconds :)

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