1 Nov 2010

Interview for Runabroad.com!!

I have done an interview for RunAbroad.com!!!!

RunAbroad.com is a great site and has a lot of interesting race and marathon information on it!

Lynne Knightley is an English runner living in Denmark. She plans to run her first marathon soon and blogs about it on Beginners Copenhagen Marathon 2011.

What has been your favourite race/run so far?

As of now I have only run in 3 races. The first was a 5k in Copenhagen around some army barracks, by where the cruise ships dock, and then past where The Little Mermaid should be (she is currently in China).

The second race was a 10k called Friløbet also in Copenhagen from near Parken football stadium, along by some lakes, into Tivoli, and back again. I really enjoyed running around inside Tivoli and hope to do this race every year!

The third race was a 10k around the area I live in on Amager.

Still my favourite run would definitely be one I did in Berlin with Mike’s Sight Running Tours. We ran around the streets of Berlin in the evening for the Festival of Lights and it was fantastic!............
To see more visit RunAbroad.com and look for 'Interview with a Runner November 2010'.


  1. Hi Lynne,

    What a great interview!

    I hope your marathon training continues well and you have a great run for your first marathon :-)


  2. Hi Darren,

    Thank you for your comment :-)

    Have you run any marathons before? I am really looking forward to my first one!