22 Oct 2010

11.5km in the cold!

This evening I ran 11.5km!

It was very hard for the first 4km as it was so cold. I wanted to just turn around and go home but I forced myself to continue. It was no longer about getting a great time, it was about running 10km no matter how long it took me! I think I just needed to warm up or something.

After that I wasn't on top form but I was definately feeling better :) It was probably the little bit of energy gel I had before I set off that had begun kicking in!

Once I reached 8km I started to get the old 'I can run forever' feeling and at last began to enjoy myself. After 9km I decided to just keep on running and ended up running 11.5km!!
So all in all the run ended up being a great one :)

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