20 Jan 2011

And My Serious Marathon Training Has Started.....!!!

This is it.....On your marks. Get set. GO!!!!

My proper marathon training has started :-)

I ran 7.5km this evening just around the main streets on Amager. My foot has stopped hurting! I have now laced my trainers in a way that doesn't put pressure on the top of my feet.

Lacing Technique:

1. The lace runs straight across the bottom (grey section) and the ends are fed into both bottom eyelets.

2. One end of the lace (yellow end) runs straight up the right side, emerges and runs straight across the second set of eyelets.

3. Both ends now run straight up the left side, each skipping one eyelet before emerging two eyelets higher up.

4. Continue running both ends across the shoe, then straight up two eyelets at a time, until one end reaches the top.

5. The other end then runs straight across the second last set of eyelets, then straight up to the top.

Just like last week (and probably most Thursdays from now on) I ended my run at my sons Scouts hut.

My son and I then ran the 1.25km home for his training to help me run the last 2km of the marathon. (This isn't counted in my marathon kilometres).

My next run is scheduled for Sunday :-)


  1. Hi Lynne,
    Phew! Glad the foot is better!

    Good idea on the lacing. I have a very high instep and so I lace mine up like this (you'll see I bypass a bunch of holes at the top altogether):


    I don't run with very tight shoes, in fact I never tie and untie mine as I can slip them on and off without (!).

    Everybody's foot is different....

    I looked at your training schedule. A couple of quick comments:

    1) Your spontaneous running of 21km at a 2hr pace seems way beyond the training distance and speed for this time in the schedule.

    2) You only have one long run (and it's only 30km) in the schedule. I would say that with that training schedule you might have some problems in the last 10k...I would slow down to marathon pace + 45s/km and do a least one more long run of 32km if you feel up to it.

    3) Your schedule really should mention the intended paces for your runs. Do they specify that?

    See ya!

  2. Hi paul.

    Thanks for your comments.
    My schedule is taken from my non-runners guide to running a marathon book and then changed a little. As a working mother I simply don't have time to run 4 times a week right now.
    I'm about to start a new job out of the house so am thinking of running home afterwards :-)
    My first marathon isn't about pace, it's just about getting over that finish line and having fun on the way!

    The distances I have written are just the minimum and, as i'm already running half marathons, I can certainly see myself having 2 or more 30/32km runs.

    I have done it this way so I don't pressure myself more than I need to. I hope this makes sense to you.

    Take care and have a great weekend :-)

  3. Right, got it. I'm all for having fun and not stressing over pace too 8)

    I was kinda implying you might be able to fast forward on that schedule a bit since you are banging out halfs in 2 hours not even in a race situation!

    ...that would give you fat time at the end for a few more long run cycle weeks.

    And it gives you some wiggle time in case you have other obligations and have to bag some runs altogether.

    You could see how you feel and if a week is really really easy, you might try skipping ahead a couple of weeks...then see how it is and if too hard, back off, too easy move ahead again.

    Everybody (every...body) is different 8)

  4. That sounds like a great idea with skipping ahead and back if I need too :-)

    Thanks very much!!

    You are full of great advice once again!