7 Oct 2010

At Last Another Run

I've really missed running!!

Until yesterday evening my last run was on Sunday. I know 3 and a half days isn't much but it sure feels like it when you're iching to go for a run :)

My husband has been away and I really didn't want to run with my youngest in his buggy again. It's not fun and it hurts my arms!

I looked after my niece yesterday and her lovely mum stayed and took care of my son for 30 minutes when she picked up her daughter. So I got to go out by myself and have a 5.5km run!!

I was so happy and really needed that :)

A little update, I seem to be at that stage where I can't better my time when I run 5km. It always seems to be around 26 to 26 and half minutes. I don't want to push hard though just to beat my time as I'd rather run slower than risk an injury!

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