28 Sept 2010

Newline Winter Set and Little Runs

This is the Newline winter set that I have bought from http://www.loebeshop.dk/ for 599kr.

Of course, I had to test it out straightaway! So this morning I ran my oldest boy up to his school and back which is a just under 4km route. I am so glad I had this set on!

It was so windy and so cold this morning! It could have been December if you didn't know any different.

I love this Newline set :) It is warm but not over the top.
The jacket has a little pocket by the zip and a really big one at the back. Both have zips on them. There are also zips on the sleeve so they can be opened up a bit.
The tights have a little pocket with zip at the back of them. They have zips on the legs to open them up too.

I also ran back up to the school this afternoon to pick my son up. So I've ran around 7.5km today.

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