17 Apr 2011

Nike Marathontest 3

And so today I ran the last of the Nike marathontests. This was a half marathon.

Copenhagen Lakes

I had forgotten to buy energy gels so only had one to take with me :-(
I had an energy drink before I left home which perked me up a bit
It was cloudy and a little windy while we were waiting to go and then the sun come out and I knew I was going to have a great race :-)

I wasn't really aiming for a time to finish in. I just wanted to be done before 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The run started off great and there were a lot of  drinking stations which had water and Powerade Energy drink. I, of course, had the energy drinks :-)

The course was really good as it went round the lakes. These are beautiful to run around especially with the sun shining and swans swimming on them.

I started having trouble around the 16k mark and then just concentrated on running from drinking station to drinking station. This worked well as the kilometers started flying past!

When I turned the last corner and saw the goal in sight I 'opened up the throttle' and sprinted over the line!!

My official time was 2 hours and 13 minutes. My watch said I'd run an extra 1k over the half marathon distance and that my half marathon time was 2 hours and 8 minutes so that's the one I'll go by :-)

All in all a great race. Bring on Copenhagen Marathon!!


  1. Good job Lynne! (Especially after all the winter colds!)

    Now it's really important to get in the 30k run coming up. (the most important run of the training, really)

    Looking at your training schedule, if you feel you can't do the 30k this weekend you could switch it with the 25k next weekend to ease back up the miles.

    Another thought.. the schedule has a 3 week taper you can get buy with 2 weeks of taper rather than 3 in my experience..if you can fit in another long run, so much the better.

    It's always a juggling act in marathon training. There are always things that come up (sickness, travel, job, family, etc) and adjusting the training is part of the challenge 8)

  2. Thanks Paul :-)

    I'm planning the 30k for next weekend. I'm sure it's going to be a killer!

    It's good to know that I can probably get by with just a 2 week taper as I really need a few more long runs.

    Take care and see you in Copenhagen :-)

  3. How were the course directions for the snaky turnarounds etc? In the marathon we actually do various parts of the course twice (' a loop') but unlike loop courses it's quite complex. Also the faster people will have to plow through the slower people on the loops.

    I hope they have people that can direct us the right way somehow. The reason I ask is that brainpower is not that great after 30km of running. ;)

    Re: 30k...just do them slow...stop and power walk when you drink and eat.

    If this 30k goes ok, I would do another 30 for the 25 , but power walk the first 5k then do the 25km run.


  4. Great achievement on the half marathon and well within your target time!

    1 month and 4 days to go :-)