16 Aug 2011

Photo Shoots and Easy 12k!

Today has been a VERY interesting day :-)

At 9am this morning I met up with Lena from running copenhagen outside Christiania (this is a very special place, read more about it here http://www.christiania.org/index.php)

Anyway standing with Lena is a photographer. I am a running photo model for the morning! We waited for another runner to join us and went down to some of the different areas in Christiania to have photos taken.

It was a lot of fun as we had to run in different ways and directions. (I got told off for looking at the camera)
At the end I had some portrait photos taken for the Running Copenhagen website. In case you are new to the blog I am a freelance sightseeing running guide with them.

After this I decided I may as well run my 12k for today so I went for a beautiful run a lake in Christianshavn and then over the bridge into Copenhagen and all the way along the water towards the Fisketorvet shopping centre. Then it was back over the water, into the Amagerfælled and up to DR Byen metro station where I had left my bike early this morning.

It was a great run! My serious Valencia Marathon running has started!!

As soon as I get the photos from the photo shoot I'll put them on here :-)


  1. Vamping for the camera? Tsk..tsk..

    Looks like FUN! 8)

  2. Ha ha :-)

    Just wait until you see the real photos....

  3. very interesting indeed. The pictures are wonderful. I look forward to seeing the others as well. See you on the 27th in Valencia. References for the race. Ciutat de las Arts, Port, Tarongers, Mestalla Stadium, Old side of town, Cabecera 5k down to Parc Bio parc and up again, old side along river, Palau, Campus Tarongers down to port, run up Balears to finish line at Oceanografic near the start line.
    Big hug mate