5 Aug 2011

15k Run!

This morning I decided to have a little run down to Amagerstrand and back. I was planning on running about 8k which then actually turned into a 15k run :-)

I ran down to Amagerstrand and all the way along it which was very beautiful as there was hardly any people today because it was cloudy. Then I ran towards Christianshavn and headed up by the DR Byen and then home again.

I had an energy drink before I left the house but hadn't taken any water with me. I stopped at some toilets on Amagerstrand and drank out of the handbasin tap. I also ran past my sons school which has the after school bit open right now so I went in there for some water. As soon as I was home I drank very much plus a recovery drink.

Even though the sun wasn't out it was still hot and humid but I need to run in these conditions in Valencia as the weather can be anything between 15 and 25 degrees!

I'm very happy with my 15k and had a fantastic run and can't wait to get out and do some more running :-)

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