1 Aug 2011

Change of Blog Name and Which Marathon I'm Running!!

I've got a little fed up with my Barcelona Marathon blog. It feels like an intruder to me and not like a best friend :-(

I miss my old blog so have decided to bring the posts I've written over there over here to my favourite blog :-)

I've also listened (at last) to my friend Paul from 50 is the new 30 and have changed my blog name so it isn't just about a certain marathon. Now it can be about many different marathons :-)

Also I have decided to run Valencia Marathon on November 27th 2011 but more on this later!!


  1. Good new title ;)

    Getting antsy to run another marathon sooner eh? Me too actually...I don't have one until Dec 5th.

    Valencia seems to get good reviews on marathonguide.com

  2. Thanks :-)

    I figured running a marathon in November doesn't involve winter training!

    And two in one year sounds good ;-)