8 Aug 2011

Ecco Biom Natural Motion Trainers

So these are my new trainers which I am to use for my running tours!
Because Ecco sponsors running copenhagen I got these for free :-)

I gave them a test run yesterday and found them to be very nice to run in! I only run 4km though as I want to built the distance up slowly in these trainers. They are very different from my good old Nimbus 12's.

Below is part of a review I found on the net from www.runningandrambling.com. You can read all the article at http://www.runningandrambling.com/2009/10/ecco-biom-running-shoe-review.html, Beaware that it's a very long article but will tell you everything about this great shoe :-)

The BIOM is designed as a natural running shoe, preserving the natural biomechanics of your foot and ankle as closely as possible. It is NOT intended to convert barefoot runners, or even to compete with minimalist footwear like Vibram or Feelmax. Rather, it represents a paradigm shift in the standard categorization of running shoes, with a fundamental concept inspired by barefoot runners.

ECCO is one of the very few running shoe companies who openly acknowledge that traditional technologies – cushioning, motion control and stability – have been largely ineffective to reduce the injury rates of runners. They saw an opportunity to reinvent the philosophical approach to creating shoes, with a design based not on correcting perceived shortcomings of the foot, but on mimicking the biomechanics of barefoot running.

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