10 Aug 2011

And Another Toenail is About to Bite the Dust!

After Copenhagen Marathon I lost one of my toenails. It didn't hurt as I kept it on with a plaster until it fell off by itself. Then underneath the new toenail had already formed.

I have been doing the same with another toenail which is also almost falling off and this one hasn't hurt either.

Now let's talk about my big toenail! This one has been absolutely fine since the marathon but the other day my younger son stopped dead infront of me and I walked into him. This caused half of my big toenail to break off. Since then my big toenail has been bleeding and hurting very much.
I just checked it and found that I could lift the whole nail half way up!

It doesn't look good for my poor toenail :-(

I have a marathon to train for so this sucks!! Oh well I'll just run through the pain :-)


  1. Pictures! We want gross-out pictures!

    Seriously, I didn't know you had problems with your toenails (I mean the marathon induced problems, not the running-into-offpring problems ;)

    It seems to be one of those things some people are predisposed to...you lucky thing ;)

    I heard of some ultra guy that had all his toenails surgically removed so he wouldn't have to keep dealing with them.

    I'm with you..just tape it up (or maybe crazy-glue it down) and go and run anyway!

  2. I figured it will just hrt for a little while and then be fine again anyway :-)

    My marathon falling off toenails had the problem of a blister underneath the top of them after the marathon so I could see there was no way I was going to save them and they would come off when they were good and ready.

    I didn't want to put photos on here of my clammy toes!