5 Dec 2011

Rock 'n' Roll Madrid Marathon 2012

I've made my decision and I'm going to run Madrid Marathon 2012!!

I decided on Madrid because I like the Rock 'n' Roll thing that it will have going on :-)

As Madrid has hills and will probably be hot I don't expect to get another PB but I do expect to have a lot of fun while running the marathon!! And as I say to my beginner running clients 'running is meant to be fun'.

Just expect a slightly different attitude for Berlin Marathon 2012 when I am aiming for 4 hours or less........


  1. I lived in Madrid for 4 years. IS not very flat but run a lot of people from all around Spain and abroad. I lived there and I love Madrid. But I haven't the training enough for do a marathon.
    Enjoy Madrid.

  2. That should be fun indeed. You'll have to hunt down some hills to train on.

  3. There's a multi story carpark 2 minutes from mine that's pretty empty most of the time so I'm planning to run up and down the slopes in there :-)

    Hey it's Denmark....I have to make the most of any hill I can find

  4. Good decision!! is probably the funniest Marathon in Spain....but you have to train very hard in the next months....(lots of hills, temperature around 25ºC).....Good Luck Lynne!! Maybe I'll see you there..if a choose this marathon

  5. Hi Lynne,

    Been meaning to tell you, there is a blog of a triathelete I follow...google "frayed laces blog" and you'll find it.

    Well, she's actually in CPH right now...doing some research for her phd or something.

    Anyway, she normally lives in Hawaii so she's finding running in the cold a bit...uh. difficult ;)

    You might want to read this blog and offer her some soothing words ;)


  6. I am from Portugal (Lisbon)and I will be there, in Madrid, for my first Marathon.
    "Life is short, play hard."