8 May 2011

That's Another 17.5k Towards Copenhagen Marathon!

I went out for a 15k run this morning. The weather was beautiful :-) Not too hot but not too cold. It was still a little windy but not as bad as it has been!

I ran from Amager over Langebro, through Christiansborg Slot, into Nyhavn and then all the way along the water up to The Little Mermaid again. I was there at 9.15am and it looked like a cruise ship had just arrived as there were tourists everywhere!

I then ran back towards the city and past my favourite fountain in Copenhagen which is in the photos below.

I then ran past the queens palaces, back past Nyhavn, across Kongens Nytorv and all the way down the walking street to Rådhuspladsen. From there I ran to Islands Brygge and home again.

In all I ran a little over 17.5k which was over 2.5k over my target so I'm very happy with that.

This time in 2 weeks I'll be running Copenhagen Marathon 2011 :-)

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