28 May 2011

My Copenhagen Marathon Recovery Week!

This last week I have been recovering from the marathon. All in all I haven't felt too bad and most aches and pains went over quite quickly.

After the race on Sunday I was on a high and was so happy :-) I thought when I crossed the line I would say 'never again' because that is what I read most people say. I instead said ' YES! Where and when is my next marathon!'
I slept very well on Sunday night :-)

On Monday my calves were hurting very much. I massaged them with some muscle cream and this helped very much. I found that as long as I didn't sit down for long periods of time then I was ok. I didn't work today and didn't go up or down any stairs.
I have some blisters but nothing that hurts. My second toe on my right foot will probably lose it's nail but I was already prepared for this as it got a bit squashed when I was wearing my Nikes. My Asics give me no such problems.

On Tuesday my calves, thighs and arm muscles were hurting. I did the muscle massage with cream again. I walked very slow and strange and had big problems going up and especially coming down stairs.

On Wednesday the aches were pretty much gone and as long as I didn't walk too much there was no problems. It still hurt to go downstairs.

On Thursday it was the same as Wednesday.

On Friday I was fully recovered and longing to go out for a run but as my husband is away and I've been working or looking after my boys I haven't been able to get out for a one. My husband is back Sunday evening so hopefully I can get out for a run then :-)

By the way, my toenail is still hanging on and might survive if I'm lucky :-)

I am going to carry on blogging and find a way that I can attach this blog onto my new one if it's possible. My new blog will be about my second marathon and my education for becoming a running coach!

I have decided to become a running coach to turn my hobby into a business, so I can be my own boss which is something I have always dreamt of, and also to help my own children and, maybe others, enjoy running as much as I do :-)

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  1. Congratulations on running your marathon. I found your blog when searching for reviews of the Non-Runners Marathon Guide. I do hope you keep on blogging about your post marathon experiences. I've just started my one blog inspired by yours.