15 May 2011

Only One More Week until Copenhagen Marathon!

What am I feeling now?


If you have any other emotions let me know. It could get interesting :-)

Today I ran nearly 11k and as there was a cold wind I put on my winter stuff. I was SO hot!!

I'm oviously just running the marathon in shorts and a T-Shirt.

This time next week it will all be over.....


  1. The entire Kaleidescope of Pre-Marathon Emotions ;)

    Once you start running the nerves go away and then it's just fun.

    Weather still looking good but looks like some wind WNW at 9-13 mph ..at least with this course it won't all be a headwind ;)

  2. It's a real snakey course but you're never running into the wind for long!

    I've never asked you what time you are aiming for?

    I've taken a lot of your advise in my training the last two months and think I have my marathon pace sorted out now (even allowing time for a couple of toilet stops).

    I'm trying for a 4 hour and 30 minute marathon :-)

  3. Hey Lynne, I am beginning to be nervous too! My last half marathon I was so nervous (my calf had been giving me problems and I was worried) I was crying before and asking myself why I was doing this, but I did fine and it was my second best HM time (2:01:20). This is my first full marathon and I too am shooting for 4:30. I ran 36 k two weeks ago and it took me 4 hours but I ran slower than I will this Sunday, hopefully. Also, if it does take 5 hours, that's okay, next time will be better, I just want to finish a marathon! :)

  4. Hi Lynne,

    I will probably do as I did in LA ..run about 4:12-4:15-ish.. real goal is even splits.

    Jet lag is the new variable here...if I feel really off I will slow down to whatever seems right.

    Its good you've been seriously pondering the pacing question. Once the training is done, that's the big decision!

  5. Candy - I'll be starting with the 4:30 pace setters but as they normally go off too fast I'll probably drop back a bit after a while and catch up later.
    Are you also starting with them? Keep an eye out for me and I'll let you know my race number as soon as I have it.

    Paul - I'll keep an eye out for you at the finish then. Who knows if the jetlag is really bad we may get to ran a little together :-)
    See you on Friday!

  6. Lynne, I wasn't going to start with the pacesetters but maybe I should. I use a Garmin so I was going to begin running 6:10 or so and then speed up and/or slow down as I feel. I will keep an eye out for you and I will tell you my number as well --I am picking mine up Saturday afternoon.

  7. My number is 957.

    I'm planning on using my watch as well if the pace setters go off too quickly as they usually do!
    I'm going to start with around a 6:15 pace because I figured then I will have time for a toilet stop and also to walk through the drink stations and still finish around the 4 and a half hour mark.
    Really though as long as I'm finshed in 5 hours I'm happy :-)