25 Feb 2012

Great 5k in My New Nimbus 12's!

I've just got back from a great 5k run in my new trainers :-)

I wrote a little while back that I would run a 5k as fast as possible, then do the 10-20-30 training twice a week for one month and then run the same 5k again to see if the 10-20-30 training does indeed better your time.

I ran this 5k in 27 minutes and 15 seconds which is only 40 seconds off my personal best. That isn't bad considering it was an EXTREMELY windy day today and the first 2k I ran was into the wind.

I look forward to see how much (if at all) my 5k time will improve in a month. I will run at the same time of day as today and with as close to the weather conditions as I can get to try and get a fair test!

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