3 May 2011

My Last Long Pre-Marathon Run

On Sunday I had my last long pre-marathon run!

It was a little over a half marathon and was the easiest run I have ever had!

I ran with Jeppe my friend Lisa's husband. It was really good to have company and made the running much less hard. He was happy to run at my slow pace because he hasn't done much training over the last few weeks. Jeppe is also running Copenhagen Marathon for the first time.

We ran from his apartment into the city, through Nyhavn, up to the little mermaid, back through the main shopping area, along the water front opposite Islands Brygge and then the last stretch home.

Our average pace was 6.19 per km which suited me perfectly as I'm going to try for a 6.24 marathon pace which then would give me a finish time of four and a half hours :-)

We stopped every 5k for a drink and an energy gel which seems to work for me and is how I intend to run my marathon.

I woke up the next day minus my usual muscle pains. I had no blisters. I actually felt like I could of carried on running for longer. This has made me believe that, yes, I really can finish that marathon!

Only 19 days to go until the Big Day :-)
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  1. Hey Lynne,

    Thank you for the run - it was great and just what I needed to kick off my pre-marathon training (again) ... looking forward to seeing you at the finishline on the 22nd


  2. I'll be about an hour or so behind you :-)