21 Feb 2012

One Long Run Down....A Few More to Go!

Yesterday I was planning on running an 8k with my friend but decided to try and run a half marathon instead. I figured that I would need to run at least 10k before I met up with her, then run 8k with her and make up the rest on the way home.

This all turned out to be a very very bad idea!!

The run started off great and I took 3 energy gels with me to take at 5k, 10k and 15k. I ran down to the beach and along it and then up to the metro station where I was meeting my friend. The problem was that to run at least 10k before I met up with her I had to run a little faster than I normally would for a half marathon. I was running a pace of around 5:30.

I got to the meeting place 5 minutes early and stood waiting for my friend. I should have at least walked around a little to stop my calves from getting sore. By now I had run 11k.

I ran the 8k with my friend at a much slower pace of around 6:00 and I was dying. My calves were so sore! I still managed to finish the 8k and said goodbye to my friend. So now I'm up 19k.

I decide to run a couple of metro stops which should take me up to my half marathon goal. Unfortunately I'm running into the wind! I am about dead by now and have to throw in a walk every 300 metres!! This is insane I'm thinking. Once I hit 20k I turned around and had the wind help me back to the metro station :-)

I did it though! Another half marathon under my belt. I actually ran it only 2 minutes slower than my best race time!! I was not expecting that as this had been the hardest half marathon I had ever run.

Moral of the story:- Stick to what I know best EVEN SPLITS!!!


  1. Oh, the wind is of course at the end of the run and in your FACE.... Murphy's law..

    Do they have some kind of Danish version of Murphy's Law?

    Lar's Lemma?

    1. I just love the Danish wind!

      I asked my husband about Murphy's law and boringly it's just called the same...I prefer your Lar's Lemma :-)