8 Feb 2012

Training and T-Shirts!

On Monday it was again really cold outside and I didn't much fancy having a run out there!

Instead me and a friend went over to my hill training multi-storey carpark. It has apartments on top of it and so has lots of stairs that run in a straight line to the top. These are kind of inside and sheltered from the wind. We run up and down about 5 or 6 times. It worked out to be about 1.5k of stair training that we did.

Afterwards we went to the top of the carpark which is still inside and did some 10-20-30 training 3 times with a 1 minute break inbetween. Now that was a lot of fun :-)

Between the stairs and the 10-20-30 training we had a great workout and didn't get cold!! I admit my calves were hurting loads the next day.

On another note I have bought myself a new marathon t-shirt :-) See the photo above. It is very fitted and feminine! I'm hoping to get a slogan printed on it: 'Rock 'n' Run'

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